This plugin allow you to add your Facebook pixel script without edit code.
Page option will appear in your WordPress backend menu, and here you can add your script.
You only have to copy and paste your code in the text area and that is it!
The snippet code will added in your header, and so you can track your conversion with facebook pixel.

PREMIUM FEATURES of Facebook conversion pixel:

You can add different Facebook Pixel code for any page.
For example: If you want to trace your conversion inside your e-commerce, you can add the Facebook pixel base code in all pages and a specific Facebook pixel code in Cart or Checkout page.

For more information about PREMIUM VERSION, visit official page NsThemes Marketplace.

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Latest version: Download ns-facebook-pixel-for-wp/ v1.1.0 [zip] 2549


  1. Upload the entire ‘ns-facebook-pixel-for-wp’ folder to the ‘/wp-content/plugins/’ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. View admin menu, then click on ‘Facebook Pixel’ and paste your code in the textarea


Q. Code is required to use this plugin?
A. No code require to use this plugin.

Q. Can i put other snippet code in Facebook Piexl setting?
A. No, it’s still raccommended only copy and paste code that facebook give to you.

Q. Can I change code in the future?
A. Yes, you can change this code always you want.

Q. This code will add to all my page in the website?
A. Yes, the code will added in all pages.



  • Minor bug fix.
  • Removed Banner in all admin pages.
  • New setting page for plugin.


  • Minor bug fix.


  • First release.