BlogoStrap WordPress theme

BlogoStrap – Blog WordPress theme based on Boostrap. Preset template page like contact page, team page, about us and more, theme option included, animsition.js used for load page effect.

WooCommerce Quick Checkout

Choose the fields to complete during checkout to your customer. After payment, your customers will complete the checkout fields (you can choose and set checkout fileds) and after they can download the digital item.

WordPress Countdown (with Topbar countdown)

Add in your pages a beautiful Countdown counter thanks a simple shortcode.
With this plugin you can create too a top bar with an advertising text and a countdown able to inform your customer.

WooCommerce Product review

A tag will appear under the product and you’ll be allowed to add rating and comment.

WooCommerce Product brand

It adds taxonomy, name and logo to a brand.
It lets you creare an archive with all the products associated with the brand.

Membership for WordPress

Create a new type of user who has access to pages hidden to the other customers.


ShopFolio is an ecommerce Bootstrap theme.
You can set featured product, start countdown timer on featured product and much more.


SocialBlog is a clean Bootstrap theme perfect for your news blog and share your post on social network.

Product membership

Only users who purchased the product Membership can buy the flagged products

Order tracking

This plugin allows you to comunicate with the most famous courier (BRT, GLS etc…)


Products are ordered by publish date