Questions/AnswersCategory: Custom badge and bubble for WooCommerceBadge doesn\'t show when an tiem is 6 days older
ceppo asked 8 years ago

Dear Costumer Support, I’ve just purchased your plugin and i’ve an issue with my website. I’m going to explain myself the better than i can, sorry for my english (greetings from italy I’ve noticed that if the item is older than 6 days the badges disappear…i’v done some test changing the items publish date. Can you help me, please? I can give you admin access, if you need The website is Thank you

4 Answers
ceppo answered 8 years ago   Please, check this img

NsThemes Staff answered 8 years ago

Hi Federico, have you set a text color and a background color for your badge?

ceppo answered 8 years ago

Yes, you can see the setting here:   If you want, i can give you admin access!

ceppo answered 8 years ago

Solved 🙂 Thank you!