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jerome asked 4 years ago

I just bought facebook pixel pro and not working on add to cart I was thinking this plug in will make my life easy but starting now i very anoying i have many add runnings on fb and can not check the result
I would like appreciate your help soon as possible
thank you

8 Answers
jerome answered 4 years ago

hello there i don’t have the result in the power editor i had more than 25 visit 1 purchase and the power editor indicate purchase 0 view content 0 is it normal?? 

jerome answered 4 years ago

Hello there How come i get the add to cart cart
I really not understand how you can sell a plugin who not give the most basic information
waitting an answer at my last email ok you did some staff on it but not reply at my email about the basic …..
I need this add to cart also
looking forward an answer and a result

NsThemes Staff answered 4 years ago

Hi jerome,

we answer at your email.
If you want you can add a custom Pixel code in add to cart page.
Simply go to edit this page and you find a textarea where place pixel code.

Best regards