Questions/AnswersCategory: Add product frontend - PluginI need to allow for downloadable products in NS frontend add product premium. How do I do this?
Matthew asked 6 years ago

I have purchased the premium version of this plugin so that I can cut down the fields displayed on the frontend. The products being sold are downloadable so I need to show the “upload” field on the frontend for users to add the file.
I am a developer so if this requires some hooking in that’s fine but I’ll need some info on how to do this.

1 Answers
NsThemes Staff answered 6 years ago

Hi Matthew,

thank you for contact us. Below some istruction:
open main file: ns-frontend-add-product-page.php

@line 192 add the new option (here you can find html output)

@line 757 you can find ns_save_product function, inside it @line 921 you can add your custom function
eg. see ns_save_bubble function in “/inc/ns-add-product-frontend-premium-save-bubble.php”

rembmeber to include your new file in @line 118

We hope to have been helpful

Best regards