Questions/AnswersCategory: Add product frontend - PluginIs it possible to change the language and code?
Raoul van den Enden asked 5 years ago

Is it possible by the premium version to change the language (to dutch) and even the code? I want to make the fields smaller, in an other order and all folded open. I hope to use it so customers can post their products on the website. Is this possible for them? Also to see and edit their own products. Having full control over it?

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NsThemes Staff answered 5 years ago

Hello Raoul,

thank you for contact us.
You can’t change language at the moment. It will be translatable in the next update.
Alternatively have you have a look at our new plugin “Marketplace Multi Vendor”
It have more funcionality than “Add product fronted”.
You can see it here: Marketplace Multi Vendor.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Best regards.