Ecommerce: How to attract customers with coupons

If you have just started an Ecommerce or are simply looking to expand your clientele, you can try various strategies. Among them, you should strive to figure out how to attract customers with coupons. This strategy is one of the most effective and fastest, but you have to set it up wisely: the goal is not only to attract new customers but to retain them in the long term.
Using the wrong approach, the risk is to frustrate every effort by damaging your profits.
Focus on a well-designed marketing campaign: coupons and discounts can prove to be exceptional marketing tools to come up with a winning strategy.
We provide you with valuable ideas to plan the best strategy to increase customers and business by exploiting coupons.

Ecommerce: how to attract customers with coupons, where to start

There are several tactics to attract new customers to your e-commerce: a single action is not enough, you need a structured, complete plan.

Today, the watchword is to have a good digital presence. To ‘build’ it you need:

  • Take care of your social media presence. Among many social networks, Facebook Marketing and Instagram are essential to make their brand known to users and, consequently, generate leads, contacts with possible new customers;
  • Create a Google My Business listing, appear on Google Maps for your local business;
  • Collect feedback and reviews in order to create an excellent web reputation;
  • Constantly send targeted, personalized emails and SMS, in order to retain customers to the maximum;
  • Send an email reminding the customer of an abandoned cart and offering a discount. The procedure can be automated;
  • Offer monthly or weekly discounts;
  • Start retargeting campaigns to show ads to people who have visited your ecommerce in order to receive a coupon code and become customers;
  • Offer incentives for subscribing to the newsletter to obtain contact information of users interested in your products;
  • Reward customers who have reached a certain milestone in your loyalty program by offering discounts and coupons.

All this cannot be improvised: it takes commitment, constancy but above all knowledge and technique. Relying on a professional for SEO, content marketing and Facebook Ads is the thing to do to achieve the goal.

Ecommerce: how to attract customers and retain them with coupons in 5 steps

Your Ecommerce can attract new customers and retain them with 5 main methods:

  • Offering digital coupons;
  • Offering online and classroom courses;
  • Emptying the warehouse;
  • Creating dependencies;
  • Capturing attention on your products or services.
  1. Digital coupons
    Thinking of attracting new customers to your ecommerce with the strategy of coupons and discounts, the main category is certainly that related to digital products. For example, pdfs containing manuals on “how to do”, video courses. They do not involve shipping costs and you can sell many at discounted prices.
    Digital discount coupons are a winning tactic: offer a discount in exchange for the email or mobile number of potential customers. This tactic has a name: lead generation. You can guide the user who communicates his contact towards sales and loyalty.
    It is possible to offer a discount to those who subscribe to your newsletter, to those who leave their data (email, phone): the big brands regularly use this strategy.
    Once you get the contact of the new customer, you can stay in touch with him using various tactics:
  • Resend the coupon after a week, if you have not yet used it;
  • Send targeted offers and dedicated promotions via email or SMS;
  • Propose to the new customer to access the fidelity card;
  • Send newsletters with dedicated discounts, news, useful information, product photos;
  • Having the date of birth of the customer, you can send a happy birthday SMS with a small free thought.
  1. Online and classroom courses
    Those who have classrooms (virtual or physical) still to be filled, can try to give up the latest tickets by offering coupons. It could be advantageous to increase the audience of interested users considering that, in any case, the fixed costs (teachers, classroom rent, etc.) will be incurred.
  2. Empty your warehouse
    Thinking of emptying the warehouse to get rid of products that have been in stock for a long time by offering coupons is a nice idea. The twofold advantage is, on the one hand, in getting rid of unsold products to make room for new stocks and, on the other, in attracting new customers. The more time passes, the more the goods in stock are destined to depreciate.
  3. Create dependencies
    You could offer a very discounted service to be included within a sales process destined to create an addiction. An example of ‘addiction’ is this: selling at a discounted price a product that needs maintenance and updates over time and that, therefore, will push customers to spend on different occasions.
  4. Draw attention to your products or services
    In periods of ‘lean’ or launch, you could improve the visibility of your Ecommerce by exploiting discounts and coupons to capture the attention of users towards your business by optimizing sales of goods or services.

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