E-Commerce: strategies to win new customers

To win new customers you need to work to understand who your buyer personas are and offer them a strong motivation to choose your product or service. You need to improve performance and know strategies on how to acquire new customers. A mistake shared by many entrepreneurs is to underestimate the importance of strategy in the customer acquisition process. Knowing how to acquire new customers, and retain them, makes the difference between a business that grows and one that doesn’t. So how do you acquire new customers for your e-commerce?

Winning ideas to attract customers and increase the sales of your E-Commerce 

To increase the sales of your E-Commerce you need to put in place several winning strategies.

Don’t just offer discounts. You need to give value through sending quality free content such as ebooks, guides, infographics or even simply sending articles to customers of potential interest.

Post positive feedback. Ask your old customers for references and also publish the most successful case histories. Positive and credible reviews can really steer a new customer towards a purchase.

Talk about the benefits of your products/services, before their technical characteristics. 

Use a few social networks but choose the right ones. Social media is potentially extraordinary channels to convey the promotion of your products / services. Just one account is enough, which you have to take care of daily. Instagram, Youtube and Twitter have extremely different targets. 

To attract new customers, you must know how to break the mold and emerge from the indistinct sea of your competitors. You must always be informed about what your competitors are doing. Try to conquer that segment that competitors can’t reach because you’ll have more room for manoeuvre. 

Try to start mutually beneficial partnerships, you will gain both. Remember that unity is strength.

E-Commerce: how to retain customers? 

To retain the customers of an E-Commerce it is good to implement the right strategies.

Win customers with returns

New ecommerce customers are four times more likely to abandon a seller than in the event of a return offers a negative experience. In case of return it is always a good strategy to “pamper” customers. Therefore, it is always necessary to present the return policy in a transparent way by inserting it for example on the homepage, in the order confirmation email, in the object pages. 

Offer the customer better or alternative products

A good strategy and try to offer our customers better or alternative products. When the consumer chooses a product from the catalog, before he completes the purchase we can try to convince him with ads aimed at buying a similar product (up-selling strategy) or induce him to buy a product of a different category from that of the original purchase (cross-selling strategy). 

Update customers on shipping

A study by Amazon Pay showed that 50% of consumers want to be informed about the status of their shipment. For this it is necessary to inform the customer about where his shipment is located, by sending an email or sms. This allows us to grow trust in our brand and reputation. 

Getting to know our customers

To make a good e-commerce and retain more and more our customers, it is important to listen to them and get to know them. We must try to study consumer behaviour according to their attitudes. 

Focus on loyalty programs

To keep customer engagement high after the first purchase, loyalty programs can be a great solution. It’s not enough to give access to simple offers and discounts or create a personalized newsletter, several studies show that consumers want brands to create loyalty programs. 

Enable customer feedback

Of fundamental importance is to make sure that our customers can have their opinion on the products they have purchased on e-commerce. We must allow the customer to be able to review what we sell, always responding to their comments. The first thing a consumer looks online before buying an item is reviews from other users.

Choosing ambassadors

The most active and involved customers can be an important advertising ally for our e-commerce, electing them as real ambassadors of our brand. Word of mouth is an exceptional marketing strategy.

Simplify subscription renewals

If we have subscribed customers it will be essential that they always feel satisfied and renew subscriptions with ease. When it comes to renewing their subscriptions, it’s a good idea to use some tricks. If a customer’s payment method may no longer be accepted, we give the customer the right time to consider other payment options. 

Regaining past customers

An effective strategy is to try to win back the past customers of our e-commerce. We can offer you unique offers, or encourage them with a gift, delivery or a free consultation on a product. A digital entrepreneur should implement the Coupon to Become a Customer plugin.

Retargeting current customers

Those who own an e-commerce must necessarily keep track of current customers and study advertising campaigns aimed at returning that segment of audience to the site. It is good to know how to segment the users who have visited the site based on their behaviors and create targeted communications. 

Use social commerce

Most brands use social media to promote their products. Social commerce represents a new way of doing ecommerce that allows you to shorten the buyer’s journey by directly tagging products on posts. Encourage customers with small discounts or gifts to share their opinion about ecommerce. 

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