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WooCommerce site: how to offer products at a free price?

Many WooCommerce sites offer products at a free price or allow you to make donations to financially support the website’s business. There are several WooCommerce websites that are created to offer products at a free price to allow customers to make a trial of the product itself. Whether it’s a WooCommerce beauty products website or a website that offers […]

SOS Abandoned cart: the recipe to recover the customer

One of the most recurring problems for an E-Commerce site is the abandoned cart. If the customer spent a lot of time on the E-Commerce site adding the products to the cart it means that he had an interest in concluding the purchase, but something went wrong. According to recent research, 75% of virtual carts are […]

E-Commerce: strategies to win new customers

To win new customers you need to work to understand who your buyer personas are and offer them a strong motivation to choose your product or service. You need to improve performance and know strategies on how to acquire new customers. A mistake shared by many entrepreneurs is to underestimate the importance of strategy in the […]


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