WooCommerce site: how to offer products at a free price?

Many WooCommerce sites offer products at a free price or allow you to make donations to financially support the website’s business. There are several WooCommerce websites that are created to offer products at a free price to allow customers to make a trial of the product itself. Whether it’s a WooCommerce beauty products website or a website that offers products for children, every consumer can source any product in every product category to meet every need.

WooCommerce Website Offering Free Products: The Goals 

The goal of a WooCommerce website that offers free products is to gather experiences and opinions of users who have taken advantage of certain products and services.

Many sites want to be reference portals where you can find advice and comments from real users on products of all kinds: beauty, cosmetics and makeup, food, technology, sports, children, etc.

The main purpose is to create a community of testers who try the best products on the market and give feedback that can be of help to other users. For this reason, every website always selects new products to test to keep up with the needs of consumers.

Participating in surveys on certain products is totally free and in order to try the products you must register by answering the simple questions and follow the instructions of the portal.

Periodically a lucky tester is drawn who can choose the product to try and who sends a review telling his experience.

The opinions of the testers are important and it is thanks to their experiences that new and trendy products are always selected to try.

You can constantly update the selection of products available online and try to meet the wishes of users.

To make sure you provide a wide and varied choice, each WooCommerce website offers some questions about the type of product to be tested to ensure that you choose the one that best suits your customers’ needs.

Once the questions have been answered, you can complete the registration and participate in the draw. Knowing other people’s experience and opinions about products is a useful tool to help you decide which product to buy. 

In addition, it is also important for the brands themselves, because they can know the real experience of users and their impressions on the products.

How does a WooCommerce site that offers free products work? 

A WooCommerce site is a website where you can sign up for free to receive the products of the best brands directly at home. Once the customer data has been released, it is possible to proceed with the selection of the lucky winners. Once received, each customer must release their opinion about the product.

How to release a product review? 

To review a product received from a Woocommerce site just post a photo of the product received on your favorite social profile and write a short review. 

How to participate in the selection of wooCommerce website that offers free products? 

To register just click on the “Try it for free” button under the desired product; once you leave the data, you can automatically participate in the tester selection process. 

Once you have entered the data and finished the registration process, you can send a confirmation email. To confirm your participation, simply click on “Confirm” and follow all the steps of the wizard.

Can I decide not to participate in the selection anymore?

Sure. To request cancellation to the WooCommerce website you can send an email by entering “CANCELLATION” in the subject. 

WooCommerce Website: Do you need to enter all the data every time you want to participate?

Yes, you must complete the entire sign-up process every time you want to be a tester of a product.

WooCommerce Website: Which Products to Receive for Free? 

A WooCommerce website can offer free products of every product category: from make-up products to children’s products, from clothing products to footwear, from bags to technological products, from hygiene products to household products. 

WooCommerce Website: Why Do Brands Send Free Products Home?

Brands, before launching a new product on the market, want to know the opinion of consumers in advance and carry out a panel test. Thanks to this possibility to have the products tested for free, brands can listen to different opinions and in case make some changes before the launch on the market. 

Other times, however, companies send products already marketed, as the manufacturer expresses the desire to verify the approval rating and make some changes. 

WooCommerce Website: The Benefits of Implementing a Plugin to Offer Free Products 

For merchants and digital entrepreneurs who have a WooCommerce website it is good advice to implement a plugin that allows you to offer free products. The advantages are really many and range from the possibility of having customers test the product, making changes to the same products, listening to the opinion of consumers and retaining customer loyalty.

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