Monthly Archives: January 2020

E-Commerce: how to alert customers of product availability?

Do you have an E-Commerce and want to notify your customers of the availability of a product? Well, you must know that the out of stock represents for each seller a loss of money and a failure to make a profit. But don’t worry! Because the unavailability of products in an E-Commerce could also represent […]

Product available again: the importance of a marketing popup

marketing popup

How many times have you wanted a product and in the end you got it screwed? Too many? Most likely more than you think. If a product is out of stock, do not despair, it is very likely that the E-Store will replenish it soon. For this reason, every E-Commerce, regardless of the product category […]

Product Marketing Popup: What are the benefits?

Popup WooCommerce

Creating a Product Marketing Popup on your WooCommerce site could be a valuable aid in case you want to pay the visitor’s attention to something that may be of interest to them. Popups are windows that appear on the page that a potential buyer and visitor of an E-Commerce is viewing. Therefore, all the attention […]


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