Product available again: the importance of a marketing popup

marketing popup

How many times have you wanted a product and in the end you got it screwed? Too many? Most likely more than you think.

If a product is out of stock, do not despair, it is very likely that the E-Store will replenish it soon.

For this reason, every E-Commerce, regardless of the product category of the products sold, requires a marketing popup.

Alerting customers of the availability of the desired product allows them to retain customer loyalty and fulfill a wish, as well as make a purchase and increase sales.

Product available again: what are the advantages of a popup?

Inserting a marketing popup on your E-Commerce is intended to notify the customer when the product added to the Product Availability Notice list is available again and can be purchased.

It is very useful for the customer because he does not have to constantly check the site to check the availability of a product.

For the seller it is even more so because there will be an opportunity to quickly sell a freshly stocked item.

And not only. It will also be very useful when replenishing stocks.

In practice, the analysis of the data provided by a popup marketing will suggest us what to buy from our suppliers to satisfy the needs and requirements of our customers.

The dream of every seller is to stock up on high turnover products in order to sell the products in your E-Store and make a sale.

Marketing Popup: Do marketing research and anticipate future sales

It is essential to evaluate market demand at all times: this allows you to expand your product line or add new ones and to evaluate the possibility of covering E-Commerce costs.

A very creative marketing tactic to test the market is to pre-sell items, or to list them as out-of-stock and see how many people want to buy them.

If you are thinking of selling one of three new products, you can create pages for all three (with a good photograph and an appropriate description), and insert them on your E-Store.

Then indicate them as “sold out” and evaluate which captures the most attention in terms of how many users want to know when it will be available again.

This product will be what you can put up for sale and you can notify potential customers that this product is available again.

If you are a seller and you have an E-Store, remember that the Out of Stock allows you to manage orders for products not yet available or already finished.

This will allow you to manage the warehouse in the best possible way and increase sales in the short and long term.

Marketing Popup: warehouse management above all

The management of warehouse stocks is a fundamental aspect for any E-Commerce.

It is useless for you to worry about having a site to be the first on Google, if then the items you sell are not available. It’s like thinking of building a house from window frames.

You have to think about the foundation, for the house to stand. You can have the most beautiful items in the world, but if they are not ready for sale, your business will never take off.

And here comes the difficulty, because on the one hand the stock of your products must always be adequate to allow customers to be promptly satisfied, on the other hand, however, you cannot fill the warehouse with excess articles, because it would cost you too much, and goodbye to earnings.

Therefore, the management of products in the warehouse requires a minimum stock of the goods that can be moved more easily, such as clothing, DVDs, books and toys, while the logistically more complex items to manage, such as washing machines or monitors, are ordered only upon receipt of the order.

This allows you to minimize the costs of managing the warehouse and inventory.

For effective warehouse management you should be able to find the right minimum inventory levels. In addition, stocks must also be kept off-site. In fact, if your E-Commerce grows, you may find yourself in the position of having to satisfy requests in different geographical areas far from each other.

In this case, you could enter into storage and distribution agreements with companies closer to distant markets to reach. In this way, you can easily reduce the costs and times of storage, transport and delivery; and ensure the most efficient customer service possible.

E-Commerce: how to organize warehouse stocks?

When you have an E-commerce site, it is important to have the right level of inventory of the products you sell in your E-Store in stock.

To do this you need to analyze the historical data of your sales. What are you supposed to do?

  • Check the progress of orders for each product in the last year;
  • Identify peaks and falls in demand;
  • Identify the potential growth in demand for the various products;
  • Analyze the sales trend of your products year on year;
  • Identify possible trends, based on customer demand.

Effective management of your E-commerce warehouse should include monthly – or better yet weekly – inventory checks. So as to have the situation always updated.

Do not accumulate too many stocks in the warehouse. It is important that you know how to avoid excessive stockpiling.

This, in fact, could cause you unnecessary costs and unnecessarily occupied space – which could be destined for more popular products.

In conclusion, a popup marketing allows you to better manage warehouse stocks, retain customer loyalty and increase sales.

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