Product Marketing Popup: What are the benefits?

Popup WooCommerce

Creating a Product Marketing Popup on your WooCommerce site could be a valuable aid in case you want to pay the visitor’s attention to something that may be of interest to them.

Popups are windows that appear on the page that a potential buyer and visitor of an E-Commerce is viewing.

Therefore, all the attention of your user is concentrated in a small rectangle where there is 1 message and 1 action to be taken.

Continue reading this guide and find out what are the advantages and benefits of installing a Product Marketing Popup on your E-Commerce website created with WooCommerce.

Create an E-Commerce site with WooCommerce

In the era of E-Stores, it is increasingly important for digital entrepreneurs and for sellers to create an E-Commerce site with WooCommerce.

You must know that creating an E-Commerce with WooCommerce is the best choice because it is the most used and downloaded software by those who own an E-Store on WordPress.

Considering that WordPress is the most used CMS in the world and that many users who use WordPress have online stores, it goes without saying that Woocommerce is also a leader in the E-Commerce market.

Thanks to its popularity, Woocommerce has grown rapidly in recent years and today offers top-level customized solutions for professionals from all sectors.

Today there are more and more companies and brands that exploit the immense potential of the web to make themselves known and advertise their products and services online.

However, there are few businesses that really know how to move independently when it comes to creating and managing an E-Commerce.

The ease of use of Woocommerce derives from the fact that it is perfectly integrated with WordPress.

Therefore, anyone who already owns a blog or site with WordPress is facilitated in creating their E-Store.

Another advantage of Woocommerce concerns the fact that it is a simple plugin, which is why those who choose it for their business can always take advantage of the blog or the attached website to promote implement a Product Marketing strategy.

By choosing to install WooCommerce, you have the possibility to manage the marketing activity of your E-Commerce directly from WordPress.

Thanks to specific tools, you can create promotional campaigns for your E-Store that target a specific audience, in order to encourage them to purchase or to capture the attention of your users: direct and customizable.

E-Commerce: marketing strategies to increase sales

Implementing a Product Marketing Popup it is essential to define a marketing strategy that is effective and leads to increase the audience and sales.

Therefore, there are different sales techniques that can be used depending on the type of products sold on E-Commerce.


This is a widely used and effective marketing technique. It consists in proposing a qualitatively superior product and at a higher price than the one sought at the outset. The product must be similar to the one desired by the customer, but have a “plus” that increases its value and allows you to convert leads into real customers.

This is an effective Product Marketing strategy for those customers who are willing to pay a higher amount than the prefixed one, to have a higher quality product. In general, this strategy is suitable for E-Commerce that sell luxury products.

Add-on selling

This sales technique allows you to propose an additional product that is useful and complete the one already chosen by the customer, so that it seems indispensable.

For example, if a customer intends to purchase a pc on our E-Commerce, it is possible to suggest the purchase of a pc case thanks to the appearance of a Product Marketing Popup.

Likewise, if our E-Store sells reservations in a hotel, in this case it is possible to offer customers an entrance to the SPA at a discounted price.


It is a Product Marketing strategy implemented by large online E-Commerce, such as Amazon.

Cross-Selling consists in proposing the products related to the items displayed by the customer or put in the cart.

Unlike upselling, in this case accessory products are suggested, not substitutes for the first one chosen.

The potential customer at the appearance of the pop-up box alert will be stimulated to buy them at the moment so as not to have to think about it later.

It is also possible to offer discounts on the second article or on certain accessory products to encourage purchases and increase sales by transmitting to the customer the feeling of having made a great deal.

Bundle Product Marketing

This sales technique consists in offering bundles of several related products, the value of which does not lie in the single object but in the whole of the offer because it manages to respond to a specific need.

For example, think of a basket or kit of kitchen accessories, which offer a personalized themed package: this is the real additional value sought by the customer.

Product Marketing Popup: customer benefits

Implementing a Product Marketing Popup allows you to improve the User Experience of the E-Store.

This allows you to create a loyal customer base: an intuitive graphic interface, content with attention to detail, speed of loading and simplicity in completing a purchase are characteristics that make a big difference.

All graphic elements, including the popup box alert, must interact with each other in a harmonious and consistent manner with the corporate identity.

To capture the attention it is useful to present the products with realistic and detailed images, accompanying them with exhaustive descriptions.

Other techniques that lead to customer loyalty are: personalization of the interface, the possibility of proposing products related to the one put in the cart, offering purchase suggestions and special promotions reserved for the user.

Offer exclusive discounts and promotions for those who have already purchased something, promote similar products by grouping them, rather than only show the individual product, suggest related products when an object is placed in the cart, send a newsletter with the latest news proposed are other techniques of Product Marketing that allow you to increase the conversion rate.

In conclusion, implementing a Product Marketing Popup allows online sellers to retain customer loyalty and make a small change at a time and evaluate the improvements step by step.

Thanks to these Product Marketing strategies we can adjust the shot and decide future actions on the basis of real feedback from users.

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