Monthly Archives: December 2020

Becoming an E-Commerce Loyal Customer: The Priceless Benefits

Run an online store, you want to start realizing or improving your loyalty program to retain your customers. Do you think: the benefits of becoming a loyal customer of an e-commerce travel on the same track as the benefits obtained by those who manage the e-shop. Putting yourself in the shoes of the buyers you […]

Successful loyalty programs: how to promote your e-commerce?

Choosing the best strategies among successful loyalty programs for ecommerce and putting them into practice is hard work. Tough but rewarding, in the long run. Improving your brand’s loyalty program means increasing your customer retention rate and retaining new ones. Your online sales business is progressing discreetly but you can and want to do more. […]

E-Commerce: How to increase user traffic?

You’ve worked hard to create your own e-shop and, to manage it better, sleep a few hours a night. It can’t take off, your ecommerce. How to increase user traffic? You ask yourself more and more often because you believe in the products you sell and you know you can do it. You’re not a […]


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