Becoming an E-Commerce Loyal Customer: The Priceless Benefits

Run an online store, you want to start realizing or improving your loyalty program to retain your customers. Do you think: the benefits of becoming a loyal customer of an e-commerce travel on the same track as the benefits obtained by those who manage the e-shop.

Putting yourself in the shoes of the buyers you want to turn into loyal customers will demonstrate not only your humanity but also your ability to increase sales.

Maintaining high, very high, customer satisfaction is the goal to be achieved. You don’t have to be forgotten by them, you have to amaze them all the time. What? Thinking, first of all, about the benefits that a customer can achieve by becoming a loyal customer of your ecommerce.

A long relationship of trust will begin between you and your customers that will result in benefits for them and your sales business. How do you do that?

Becoming a loyal customer of an e-commerce depends on who manages it

Essentially, the relationship with your customers must remain perpetually alive even after the sale. Loyalty (also known as customer retention) aims to keep as many customers as possible by keeping them from moving away from your e-commerce.

The loyal customer is not the seasonal one, occasional but the buyer who constantly buys the products of your ecommerce because he knows your brand and trusts the services that you are able to offer him.

Loyal customers shop regularly and, bit by bit, have a huge impact on your business volume.

A satisfied customer will also be a great vehicle for the classic word of mouth (he will recommend your e-shop to family and friends) and will write magnificent online reviews on your account that will increase the reliability of your brand and the positioning on Google Maps.

Industry statistics show that regular customers typically spend 67% more than casual customers or new customers. Interesting, right?

Loyalty, hold on to these regulars and possibly attract new ones to your ecommerce platform. It’s good for you and it’s good for them.

Becoming a loyal e-commerce customer: the benefits of a trusted brand

The benefits of loyalty are mutual.

Loyal customers can take advantage of personalized offers, coupons, discounts, gift cards, promotions, etc.

A great advantage for the loyal customer is knowing that you can always rely on your e-shop, that you don’t have to fear anything when you pay online. He knows that as your trust grows, your ecommerce will study (thanks to you) increasingly personalized strategies to meet its specific needs and shopping habits.

Becoming a loyal customer of an e-commerce also means something else: knowing that, for your e-shop, its opinion counts through reviews, feedback, questionnaires, surveys. All this will make him feel important and you too will benefit: thanks to his answers and information you can improve or implement a service.

The more you thank him through a good loyalty program, the more he will buy with no intention of addressing your competitors.

The loyal customer is a regular customer but there is a whole job to be done a priori, a demanding job that will pay off over time.

Ecommerce loyalty program: winning strategies

Planning an ad hoc loyalty program for loyal customers means working for their interest as well. You won’t be the only one to benefit.

After the first purchases, in order not to lose the customer, you will have to ‘humanize’ your brand. You will be reminded regularly with small and large cares (birthday greetings, text messages or email marketing, Christmas or Valentine’s Day greeting cards, etc.) or informing them through your blog about the latest news in the industry. You can introduce them to a new product line.

In short, make your client feel like one of the ‘family’, not just any buyer but with his own identity.

After humanized your brand, move on to the next step, the concrete step, made of offers, coupons, coupons, collection points to get rewards, personalized and exclusive proposals (according to the customer target or as a privileged VIP customer), benefits for word of mouth (the classic ‘invite a friend’).

You’ll need to balance the costs of offers/discounts/premiums with the revenue you want to make. Avoid overdoing it. Instead, focus on an important service for your e-commerce: efficient, fast, reliable, super active customer service, always available and ready to receive customer requests, to solve after-sales issues. You should never make your client feel ‘abandoned’.

Do you want to increase the number of loyal customers or make your brand even more alive in the eyes of already loyal customers? Increase your social network presence (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) by engaging users with photos and content that can attract their curiosity to the maximum and regularly (at least one post per day). Get into their lives, interact with them.

How to make a customer faithful to your ecommerce: there is a plugin, find out

Maintaining a relationship of trust with an already loyal customer is challenging. Wanting to search for and find other customers to retain, the work gets even harder (working hours, in addition to managing your ecommerce).

If you want to increase sales and conversion rates quickly and easily know that there is a plugin built ad hoc to realize a successful loyalty program.

NS Themes’ “Coupon To become Customer” plugin, compatible with WooCommerce, allows you to increase user traffic and increase sales of your e-commerce. What? With the most effective tool that exists: the coupon.

With this plugin you can track (email address) of the user requesting the coupon even if it is not registered. After visiting the cart page, a pop-up will appear. The moment you request your coupon, it will automatically register as a customer.

How does that work? From the WP backend menu, to the Home option, you can proceed with setting up your marketing texts and coupon code.

The functions of the NS Themes “Coupon to become Customer” plugin are different, all important.


– create custom, unique coupons;

– keep track of users (even those not registered on your ecommerce site) who receive the coupon;

– show/hide the “Name” field;

– show/hide coupon in pop-up;

– choose the expiration of cookies.

If you want to test the effectiveness of this plugin try the free version before moving on to the Pro version (advanced and low cost).

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