Successful loyalty programs: how to promote your e-commerce?

Choosing the best strategies among successful loyalty programs for ecommerce and putting them into practice is hard work. Tough but rewarding, in the long run.

Improving your brand’s loyalty program means increasing your customer retention rate and retaining new ones. Your online sales business is progressing discreetly but you can and want to do more.

To be satisfied is a losing idea. Not only do you need to aim to stabilize a loyalty relationship with existing customers, but you’re interested in finding new ones and making them fall in love with your e-shop. To convince them to stay, the key is to plan a loyalty program for e-commerce that is tempting, indeed irresistible.

Enthusiasm is not lacking, but know that it is a tiring job. To lighten the load you will have to carry on your shoulders we suggest some loyalty programs for successful, effective, concrete ecommerce (including a certain plugin). 

Ecommerce Loyalty Program: Valuable Tips

Remember to choose a mobile friendly, responsive loyalty program, as people connect mainly via smartphones and tablets.

Do you want to think of a program just to value the most loyal customers or for everyone and to attract new ones? It’s up to you to decide but we suggest making your premiums accessible to everyone to broaden your customer base. At the limit, for the most deserving customers, you can think of special offers by customizing your loyalty program.

One of the most effective tactics ever is to create urgency for joining the loyalty program and play on the ‘limited’ offer to encourage customers to earn points and use their rewards by a certain date. Urgency and exclusivity drive customers to hurry up and take advantage of the opportunity.

The loyalty program needs to be updated, improved as you get results: you’ll need to enrich it to stimulate your customers more and more. Don’t limit the use of rewards earned through your loyalty program. If you allow customers to use reward points when and how they want, on any product, your sales will squirt.

Well yes, it’s hard work but you have to do it.

What rewards to use for your ecommerce loyalty program?

There are several types of rewards to offer to current and future loyal customers.

The best, the ones we suggest below, are the most effective and valuable:

Coupons and gift cards: for example, 10$ vouchers for every 100$ spent on your e-commerce. It is the most common and winning strategy ever to increase sales and customers;

Freebies for every tot of purchases made, when reaching a certain threshold in dollars. Freebies can be your most popular products; at best, they should be customized based on the type of customer. Freebies can also be offered as a gift to your customers’ relatives and friends. Upon payment, your customer will be able to communicate the email or home address of a friend or family member where to send the gift (or coupon). It’s a great way to increase your visibility and have new email addresses of potential future customers;

Percentage discounts on future purchases: this is the easiest and most immediate way to start a loyalty program;

Special offers for VIP customers: you will need to create VIP status for all your best customers, those who on time spend more than others. They will have privileged access to special and personalized offers, new promotions. You will make them feel really special, an elite;

Special holiday prize competition that, however, have a certain cost.

No matter what premium you choose to offer customers, watch out for the expected profits from your loyalty program with the rewards offered and their costs.

Successful loyalty program, fast and customizable in a plugin: discover “Coupon to Become Customer”

Among many successful loyalty programs, one of the fastest and easiest that saves you time and, therefore, money, is the “Coupon To become Customer”plugin from NS Themes.

It literally translates to “Coupon to become a customer.” It is a plugin that requires the use of the WooCommerce platform.

In practice, it allows you to increase the users and sales of an ecommerce thanks to coupons, the tools attracts most effective customers ever. The plugin allows you to keep track (email address) of the coupon requester.

A user not registered in your e-shop, once they have visited the cart page, will see a pop-up. By requesting your coupon, you will automatically register as a customer.

The use of the plugin is easy, quick and you can customize it to your needs.

The Home option will appear in the WordPress backend menu: here you can set up your marketing messages and coupon code. For greater compatibility, we recommend that you do not fill in the description field when you create a new coupon.

The NS Themes plugin “Coupon to become Customer” allows you to:

– create custom and unique coupons;

– Track (email address) of unregistered users on your ecommerce who received the coupon;

– show/hide coupon in pop-up;

– show/hide the “Name” field;

– select the expiration time of cookies.

To test the effectiveness and speed of this plugin, try the free version. Switching from the free version to the Pro version (from costs accessible to everyone according to the number of sites) will be for you, as for all those who have tried the plugin, a ‘physical’ and urgent need. Works.

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