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Those who run an ecommerce often need to add a product or category to optimize their management on WordPress. Using the WooCommerce plugin, necessary to create and manage e-shops, how is it possible to insert new products? In this guide, you’ll learn how to add a frontend product.

If you intend to add new products in front end with WordPress alone at the very least you must be a developer.

Is there a plugin to insert a frontend product in a simple, quick and effective way?

Find out.

WordPress: How to add a product in frontend, create categories first

Adding products to your e-store allows customers to easily find what they’re looking for. That is why it is important to include them.

If you are a developer and want to insert a new product from yourself you will already know how to proceed to configure everything in the best way and how to order the various products in the various categories.

First you need to create the categories where you can then enter the products. To do this from the WP menu, you’ll need to go to Products>Categories that can later be edited or deleted. The operation is very simple.

To create a category, simply enter the name in the category field. You can also add a short description before clicking on “add new category”.

In addition to creating Categories, it’s important to create tags and use attributes.

Tags are located in the Products menu. They work as labels, serve to further order and group similar products to help the customer search.

Attributes, on the other hand, serve to add certain characteristics to products (color, size, etc.): they are very important for creating variable products.

What types of products do you want to add on WordPress?

Before you create the products to be included in your ecommerce, you need to know what all the types are available and choose accordingly.

Here are the various types of products:

– simple, i.e. single, sold and shipped to the customer;

– virtual, immaterial (such as an online service or course) that should not be shipped;

– downloadable via links to be sent to the customer after purchase and payment;

– variable, a product with various variable combinations of colour, size, price, COD, etc.;

– grouped, i.e. a series of products which are easy to buy in a single solution;

– affiliates (or external), not sold directly by you but simply advertised through your e-shop.

How to create and add a product in your online store

Once you’ve decided what types of products to use, you can start adding them.

In the Products menu, click ‘Add New’ by entering the product name and description.

If you want to add a simple product, leave the default product unchanged.

You can enter the list price or the price on offer. In the latter case, click Plan to schedule the validity period of the offer itself.

In the Tax Status item, you can indicate whether vat is applied to the product (or only to shipping costs) or the exemption depending on your tax situation. If you need to enter VAT you will set the tax rate.

You’ll also need to enter cod on the Inventory tab, which is the unique code that identifies the product.

For warehouse management, you’ll need to configure other fields: quantity of items in inventory, orderable product (if it’s not available in stock but can be ordered at the customer’s request), Sold Individually option (for unique or limited edition parts), and more.

It is also very important to set up the Shipping card by entering characteristics, dimensions and weight of the product to assign a certain shipping class.

With the Advanced tab, you can turn on product-related reviews.

To place the newly created product in the Categories you’ve already created, all you have to do is tick the category where you want to put it.

If you haven’t created the right category yet, you’ll need to click Add a new category before checking it out to add the product you created. Same for tags.

In the last step, enter the product image and any photo gallery.

Click Publish. Now the product is visible on your ecommerce page.

Use codes to create variable products or advanced features: programmer stuff

Developers use codes and APIs to insert, edit, or delete products on the WordPress front end that aren’t the simple ones.

Creating and adding custom fields, variable, virtual or affiliate products, advanced features, etc. is more challenging and complicated. It is a work that requires competence, time, control.

Variable products, in particular, are the most complex ones to create and manage, but you may also have other customization needs such as highlighting a product. Customization requires advanced functionality.

Most ecommerce owners don’t know programming. They need a plugin that can add a frontend product on WordPress without stress, quickly, easily, and most importantly, effectively. Exists?

WordPress: Here’s a useful plugin to add a frontend product

After a careful search on the web, we found a really useful, effective and quick plugin, to insert a product in frontend based on WooCommerce.

It is called “NS Add Product Frontend for Woocommerce” and was developed by NSThemes. It is available in three languages: English, French and Italian. It is an open source software.

To use it, you don’t need any code, it only requires the WooCommerce plugin.

Once installed, this plugin allows you to send a product in frontend mode.

From the Home that appears in the WordPress backend menu you will find the shortcode to view the front-end form. To see the form, users must necessarily register.

Here are the few simple steps needed to install it:

– loads the entire folder “ns-frontend-add-product” into the directory “/ wp-content / plugins /”;

– activates the plug-in via WordPress “Plugin” menu;

– view the admin menu, click “Add Product” and start customizing it.

With the free version of the “NS Add Product Frontend for Woocommerce” plugin you can add a simple product.

With the Premium version you can do, of course, much more or:

– add a variable product;

– show/hide the field;

– view, edit and delete a product for each user.

The plugin is compatible with WordPress:4.3 or later and PHP:5.6 or later.

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