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How to create a multi-vendor marketplace?

The number of e-commerce sites is constantly increasing and the competition becomes increasingly fierce. Before asking yourself how to create a multi-vendor marketplace, ask yourself why it is so important. The multi-vendor market (primarily Amazon) attracts more and more sellers, small and medium-sized companies who bring their products to a marketplace to increase their business. It also attracts users […]

E-Commerce: how to increase sales and increase the number of customers?

The question that every E-Commerce merchant asks is how to increase sales, the number of customers, conversions and average spend per customer. Creating a successful online sales site requires very different skills and constant commitment. Suffice it to say that 93% of consumers use social media as an aid in their purchase decision. What are […]

Management for professional office: how to manage appointments?

One of the most interesting characteristics of a Professional worker is that of being able to organize work and professional life at will. Whether it is a Lawyer, Notary, Doctor, Psychologist and Engineer, being independent professionals without partners and / or collaborators has several advantages. It is this freedom that pushes many professionals, after having […]


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