E-Commerce: how to increase sales and increase the number of customers?

The question that every E-Commerce merchant asks is how to increase sales, the number of customers, conversions and average spend per customer.

Creating a successful online sales site requires very different skills and constant commitment.

Suffice it to say that 93% of consumers use social media as an aid in their purchase decision. What are the key elements of a successful E-Commerce? Let’s find out in this guide.

Successful E-Commerce: What are the key elements?

To understand which tools to use to make a successful E-Commerce you need to keep in mind what are the key elements: the traffic, the structure, the sales procedure.

Traffic of a site

Site traffic is represented by visitors: without them the site would have no value. Visitors are divided into new and returning, which are the ones who return to make the purchase on the E-Commerce site.

It is precisely on returning visitors that attention must be focused since about 80% of online purchases take place from this customer segment.

Website structure

The structure of the website is the organization of the pages of the site. A website consists of a main page, called a home page, and a set of secondary web pages that are linked together through hyperlinks (internal links) that allow the user to move from one page to another.

The main structures of a website are as follows: the tree structure, the star structure and the dynamic structure.

Sell products

The goal of an E-Commerce site is to sell products or provide services. Online sales bring together niche needs, reach users who are geographically distant and can contribute to the growth of purchasing power.

In addition, it can reduce channel costs, allow the management of products built on request up to obtain a total customization of the product / service and give life to a direct contact with users thanks to the communities.

The key to the growth of e-commerce is to have a wide possible selection of products and plan the categories to make the product easily traceable by customers.

There are two factors to keep in mind:

  • have a wide choice of goods
  • catalog them to make them easily traceable by customers.

To be successful in selling an E-Commerce, customers must be put at the center of the project, and the service they are offered is one of the most important aspects to consider.

Operators must always be available, possibly 24 hours a day, and should give direct telephone support without intermediation.

Customer service reps should be able to build a relationship with customers and support their choices.

When is an E-Commerce considered successful?

To evaluate the success of an E-Commerce it is good to take as a reference three variables: the volume of traffic generated, the percentage of conversions generated and the average expenditure per customer.

The conversion rate is nothing more than the percentage of customer visits that “convert”. The average spend per customer is the average amount of orders.

Therefore, the three parameters mentioned above constitute the basic “photograph” of an E-Commerce: how many people visit it, how many of those people make a purchase and what is the average value of their orders.

E-Commerce: How to increase customer traffic and sales?

The increase in sales is always directly proportional to the increase in traffic.

The only way to increase customer traffic is to implement a social media marketing strategy and an SEO strategy.

The SEO strategy consists of that set of rules that lead a web page to be ordered in the SerPs of Google and other search engines.

Since an E-Commerce is not a static site, it is good to know how to index the product sheets and create a blog inside.

Doing SEO means using tools that allow you to get paid advertising, such as “Pay per click” tools, on online advertising circuits such as Google Adwords and Facebook Ads.

Alongside an SEO strategy there must always be a Social Media Marketing strategy, aimed at increasing visits.

Social media marketing allows you to build relationships and selling is just the next step.

To be able to achieve the results of a successful E-Commerce it is necessary to increase conversions.

By improving the conversions of your E-Commerce with the same traffic, the turnover will increase progressively.

To increase conversions there are several techniques, based on both the structure of the site, texts and mailing lists.

E-Commerce: Fast Hosting

E-Commerce is rich in product images, often not properly scaled, which affect the loading speed of pages.

Siteground is certainly a hosting service that offers excellent results and is very popular with those looking for high performance.

Optimal performance is reflected in the price which may be too high if you are thinking of buying a hosting service for the first time or have a small business.

E-Commerce: how to increase the number of customers?

A Plugin to increase the number of customers is NS Themes Coupon to Become Customer. This plugin allows you to increase your users and sales thanks to coupons!

There are main coupon types you can successfully implement in E-Commerce:

  • A Money or Percentage Discount. These coupons discount the purchase by a specific amount, calculated by percentage of the regular price,
  • Free Shipping Coupon: these coupons can cause significant problems if you sell items that cost a lot to ship.
  • Discounts for Number of Products Purchased: this coupon type is in fact a variation of the other two.

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