Management for professional office: how to manage appointments?

One of the most interesting characteristics of a Professional worker is that of being able to organize work and professional life at will.

Whether it is a Lawyer, Notary, Doctor, Psychologist and Engineer, being independent professionals without partners and / or collaborators has several advantages.

It is this freedom that pushes many professionals, after having collaborated with another firm for a long time, to set up on their own.

The main reason for taking the plunge is given by the professional’s need for greater autonomy.

One of the main tasks of a self-employed professional is the need to manage appointments with clients ad hoc and avoid the waste of costs and time.

What follows is the great sense of satisfaction and gratification that comes from feeling autonomous and knowing how to organize oneself in the best and most effective way possible.

Management for professional office: attention to critical issues

The professional may not have all the experience necessary to manage the professional office alone.

There may be shortcomings related to the management of the professional firm or the lack of a real organization.

The professional is too busy with the daily routine and is busy completing the professional tasks that allow him to cover the expenses of study.

Due to lack of time, the professional may neglect other activities considered ancillary and not strategic.

The wider the range of professional services offered by the professional firm, the greater the problems that the professional will have to face alone.

The abandonment of thematic areas or sectors that are not very productive or profitable could prove to be a winning choice.

Instead of dealing with everything and everyone, the professional can only specialize in certain areas of intervention.

The sole professional owner of the studio carries on his shoulders the responsibility of the entire professional studio: the search for clients (marketing), the daily management of the studio (organization), the management of time and reservations, the definition of a method of work and the search for the resources necessary for the operation of the firm.

If unexpected situations arise in the studio, you can rely on good organizational and technological skills.

Professional studio management: useful tips to make the activity efficient

The organization of the professional studio is essential both to manage the daily workload and to better face the competition.

Organization and management become the strength of the firm: this allows the professional activity to be enhanced.

Organize and communicate the activities of a professional firm

Improving internal and external communication in your professional studio means avoiding waste of time, optimizing results and building loyalty with existing and potential customers.

Most conflicts between collaborators and between owner and collaborators are of a relational and communicative nature.

Likewise, wasted time due to misunderstandings are on the agenda. Thanks to a clear communication process that is easy to understand and respect, it is possible to improve your management activity and the flow of reservations with customers.

Organize the study and get to know the client

Knowing your current and potential customers is essential to better organize your work and obtain better results for your professional studio.

The professional must implement a series of actions to investigate the real needs of the client. In this sense, some knowledge of marketing and strategic and operational planning could prove to be really useful.

Organize and manage times

The management of working times and deadlines is a real discipline: time management can and must be studied, and in a professional studio it is essential to deal with deadlines and unforeseen events.

Organizing a professional studio: stress affects productivity

It is the job of the owner of the professional firm to implement strategies to manage and reduce the stress of his collaborators.

Working in an environment where everyone’s tasks and work processes are clear can help reduce and manage stress.

Organize a professional studio: the organization can be seen from the workplace

Having an orderly and comfortable workplace is essential to better organize the work of the professional firm.

Organize and manage the human resources of a professional firm

The real wealth of a professional firm are the human resources that work within it.

During working hours, a collaborator makes use of only 30-40% of his potential, the task of the owner of the professional studio is to make the most of the collaborator and his skills, to the advantage of the efficiency of the entire activity of the professional studio.

To ensure that the staff of the professional firm is not just a cost but an investment capable of effectively supporting the professional activity, a precise structuring of resources is required.

It is essential to define roles based on skills but even before that, careful research and selection of personnel is necessary.

The secretariat and the administrative manager (often the same resource) are the nerve center of the Firm, everything and everyone goes through there!

The secretary is the first person with whom the client relates, on the phone and when he enters the Studio (filling in forms; managing appointments; submitting the estimate; payments; etc.).

An effective secretary must have good organizational skills (agenda management) and the ability to propose and agree (and enforce!) With the patient / client “personalized” payment plans.

For this reason, the implementation of a “NS Booking Calendar Agenda” plugin is the effective solution for dentists, lawyers, plumbers and all professionals who sell their services by the hour.

It’s possible:

  • set the working week (from Monday to Sunday) and the working time (from 00:00 to 24:00),
  • set the hourly price.

NS Booking Agenda will do the rest: customers will be able to purchase their reservations on the Myaccount page.

Customers can also ask to remove their reservations thanks to a contact form within MyAccount.

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