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E-commerce: how to rate a product after purchasing it online?

How to rate a product after purchasing it online? In the age of E-Commerce it is increasingly important to carefully evaluate the products to put in the cart and to buy. There are many factors that weigh on the product rating: from the brand to the size, from the technical characteristics to the performance ones. […]

E-Commerce, is product rating always a reliable measure?

Is the rating of a product sold online always a reliable measure? Can potential buyers who want to buy a product online always rely on product rating?  Is it a reliable measure? What are the rating parameters that affect the product rating? These are questions whose answer can be taken for granted, but in fact […]

E-commerce, guide to buying the best products

How to buy the best products on E-Commerce? There is not a single evaluation parameter to take due account of, but a set of evaluation criteria must be taken into account. Regardless of the category of the product to be purchased (clothing, electronics, computer science, etc.) it is always good to read carefully the reviews […]


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