E-Commerce, is product rating always a reliable measure?

Is the rating of a product sold online always a reliable measure? Can potential buyers who want to buy a product online always rely on product rating?  Is it a reliable measure? What are the rating parameters that affect the product rating? These are questions whose answer can be taken for granted, but in fact it is not at all.

Different variables weigh on the product rating, which must not be limited only and exclusively to technical characteristics, but go beyond the technical specifications contained in a product sheet.

In the age of E-Commerce, one wonders how potential consumers can choose one product over another.

Sellers and owners of an E-Store can implement a plugin that allows them to add a star-to-a-product rating.

E-Commerce: Does the brand impact a product rating?

In recent years the brand is one of the most relevant evaluation criteria and has a decisive impact on the process of purchasing a product.

The brand of a product is nothing more than the perception that a consumer has when he hears the name, service or product of a company.

The “brand” is a mobile target and evolves with consumer behavior and is influenced by the elements, words, and creativity that surrounds it.

A strong brand has invaluable value. For this reason, it is important to invest in the research, definition and construction of your brand.

The brand is the source of a promise of quality for the potential consumer.

The brand serves as a guide to understanding the purpose of business goals and allows you to align a marketing plan with business goals.

A good brand not only creates loyal customers, but also creates loyal employees. The brand gives something to believe in, a reason to stay and helps to understand the purpose of the organization.

A brand can be:

  • traditionalist;
  • maverick;
  • strong;
  • sociable;
  • fun;
  • tenacious.

The brand of a product performes the following functions:

  • identification or recognition of one product from another,
  • orientation or allows the consumer to orient himself to the purchase and make a choice;
  • guarantee or brand is synonymous with responsibility and reliability;
  • personalisation or the consumer expresses himself by choosing one brand instead of another.

The effectiveness of the brand does not only occur before purchase, but also concerns the experience it gives to the consumer after purchase, independent of the chosen sales channel.

Product rating: how much do technical characteristics weigh?

The technical characteristics contained in the technical data sheet of a product also have a decisive impact on the product rating of a product that can be purchased online.

The technical specifications vary from product to product, regardless of the category to which they belong.

For example, if a consumer wants to buy a juice extractor he must evaluate the brand, weight, structure, footprint, noise, price, extraction capacity, juice extractor performance, speed, practicality of use, maintenance, extra accessories (containers, drip spout, filters, cookbook, etc.).

In the event that a potential consumer wants to buy an epilator, the product rating will be influenced by the following technical characteristics: epilating head, which has the ability to eradicate the hair from the root; quantity and type of accessories that an epilating device is equipped with; amount of functions they can be equipped with; power supply (mains or battery); the handling and ease of use of the epilare.

The product rating of a heart rate monitor is affected by the following technical parameters: the type (wrist heart rate monitor and heart rate monitor with heart band), the amount and type of data that a heart rate monitor is able to collect for the user, memory, stopwatch, built-in GPS, multi-sport function, activity tracker, connectivity or the ability of a heart rate monitor to also connect to other devices, Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connection that allows you to create a real communication network between your heart rate monitor and one smartphone or tablet, design, ergonomics, comfort of the strap or chest strap, display size and style.

The following technical factors impact on the product rating of a curler: structure and size, coating and technology, coating materials, ionizer, temperature selection, versatility and comfort of use of the device, temperature block, durability selection, practicality of use, materials and price.

Product rating: product quality

Product rating is impacted on the quality of the product as the ability of the product to meet the consumer’s expectations.

The concept of quality is composed both of objective elements (e.g. characteristics of materials) and of subjective elements (e.g. consumer perception).

The quality of the product involves the company’s marketing strategy in the design, production and communication phase of the product at every stage of the product cycle.

The term “product quality” means the ability to achieve the established objectives (effectiveness), making the best use of the human, time and economic resources available (efficiency).

The document summarizing the characteristics of the product/service is usually the contract. The relevant acceptance criteria must also be specified in that document.

The quality changes according to the use to be made of a given product and can be evaluated by the various end users in an extremely different way.

The perfect quality of a product is that for which the intrinsic quality of the product corresponds to the quality perceived by the customer and therefore perfect alignment between product value and perceived value.

Product Rating: the importance of a plugin for the seller’s site

Each seller must implement a plugin that allows you to add a star rating for the products sold.

In addition, it allows you to have products voted only once a day, and within the plugin options, you can view all votes broken down by products.

This plugin allows you to choose the color of the stars.

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