E-commerce, guide to buying the best products

How to buy the best products on E-Commerce? There is not a single evaluation parameter to take due account of, but a set of evaluation criteria must be taken into account.

Regardless of the category of the product to be purchased (clothing, electronics, computer science, etc.) it is always good to read carefully the reviews of the products to buy and evaluate.

In addition to the product brand and the technical and aesthetic characteristics, attention must also be paid to the product rating assigned by those who have already purchased and used it.

For this, any seller who has an E-Commerce should implement a plugin necessary to evaluate the rating of a product marketed on the platform.

Let’s find out what are the evaluation criteria that each consumer carefully evaluates before putting the product in the cart and concluding the purchase.

Buying a product: the importance of the brand

Whether it is a steamer or a pc, in any case, each consumer carefully evaluates different technical and aesthetic characteristics before concluding the purchase.

A strong brand has invaluable value. It is important to invest in the research, definition and construction of your brand.

After all, the brand is the source of a promise of quality for the consumer. The brand is a promise: through the identification and authentication of a product/service, the brand solemnly undertakes to provide certain standards of satisfaction and quality.

With the term branding we can easily say that we identify the set of strategic and operational activities that contribute to the construction and management of the brand.

The strategy and management of a brand are not limited to the graphic reproduction of a logo: rather, they concern the communication of values, mission and vision of a company.

Buying a product online: the perception: luxury, value and price

A colorful packaging attracts children or eccentric people more, a more composed one is aimed at a wide audience looking for normality and seriousness, a luxurious packaging is aimed at those looking for high quality and prestige.

The quality of a product is not something that can be defined quantitatively (apart from a few rare exceptions). More than anything, the quality of the product is “perceived“.

The way in which the quality of the product is perceived is created on the basis of numerous factors: companies usually rival the use of precious or first-class materials, while the external market runs on other tracks.

The perception is driven not by a generic concept of product quality, but if that product gives the idea of fully satisfying the need of a consumer.

In short, if it gives an instinctive certainty, which is generated based on the background of knowledge, memories, subliminal advertising messages, habit and more.

If two companies do the same thing, but only one has the concept of Made in Italy well present in the brand, it is easy for a large part of the clientele to buy its products.

What can a company do to be effectively perceived on the market? Here are some things you should do:

  • have clear sales results of each individual product
  • understand how products are perceived by customers
  • compare objective results from the budget and qualitative results from the survey
  • implementing improvements
  • monitor the results.

Buy a product online: technical features

When evaluating the purchase of a product it is necessary to carefully read the technical details of the same (see data sheet).

For example, if a consumer has to buy a dryer he must carefully evaluate different technical data: load capacity, technology, energy class, average annual consumption, average drying cost, average drying life, condensation class, functions, programs, app, door opening, weight, depth, etc.

In case you want to buy a digital camera you have to evaluate other technical characteristics of the product: sensor, lens, controls, viewfinder and display, self-capture, burst, “fish eye” effect, panoramic photography and materials.

If you have to buy a car insurance policy, being a service, you need to evaluate other characteristics: ceilings (Damage to people: 6,070,000 € (regardless of the number of victims involved); Property damage: €1,220,000 (regardless of the number of injured).

When taking out the car policy it is necessary to choose between different types of driving, which will have an impact on the amount of the premium.

Since the car RC policy offers only partial coverage of all damage that a vehicle, driver or passengers may suffer, additional coverage is among the most interesting aspects to consider when taking out insurance.

The functional characteristics of a product are not the only reasons that lead to the purchase, being very important also the symbolic and emotional values.

When buying a product online it is also good advice to pay attention to the presence of seller data, payment method and after-sales product warranty.

Buy a product online: reviews and product ratings

When evaluating the purchase of a product, it is important to pay attention to the product rating assigned by consumers who have already purchased and tested the product.

In-depth use and knowledge of the product are perhaps the most important aspects of a review. When consumers try to get an idea of the product, they demand specific expertise and direct experience from the writer.

The most common questions that potential buyers of a product ask themselves are:

  • Is it easy to use?
  • Is it of good quality?

Is that something for me?

  • Who has already tried it has had a positive experience?
  • What are the pros and cons of the product?
  • Are there alternatives available? If so, am I up to it?
  • Is the product worth the expense?

For this reason, the seller must implement a plugin that allows you to add a vote to the products. In addition, each consumer can only vote on products once a day, and within the plugin options you can view all votes divided by products. Finally, you can choose the color of the stars.

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