Plugin for plumbers, the best to manage your appointments

Each type of activity has its own needs in the management of appointments and reservations. The WordPress plugin for plumbers is perfect for tasks that offer an hourly service.

We all now know how important it is to take advantage of the online appointment and booking service. This service must have three important features: speed, simplicity and efficiency. Consider that an inefficient booking system for making appointments with customers can really sabotage your business and damage your reputation.

In this guide, we explain all the benefits of using software to manage your appointment calendar and why you should use it too.

The only problem is that there are so many WP plugins around that can create confusion. We also tried several until we tested NS Themes’ “Booking Calendar Agenda.” Since then, we’ve stopped searching.

Plugins for plumbers, appointments and reservations: all the advantages

The advantages to use a plugin to manage appointments and reservations are numerous.

Here’s why it’s best to use it on your WordPress site:

– you can manage your agenda more effectively, quickly and accurately by accepting reservations 24/7 and minimizing the number of interactions;

– customers appreciate the self-service option. They avoid phone calls, TEXT messages, emails. expected, They will be able to check available dates and times and book, as a result, an appointment whenever and as they want. They can also cancel the appointment and reschedule another one;

– helps increase your website conversions, then increase the number of new customers;

– it is useful not only to take care of reservations with customers but also to manage appointments with suppliers or other;

– a technological support that can be controlled at all times eliminates errors and forgetfulness;

– by collecting all the necessary data and details from the customer before the appointment, you can prepare yourself well in advance;

– save time and money. Being on the phone to annotate an appointment and talk to a customer (maybe while you’re fixing the tube of a leaking sink) isn’t really the ultimate in convenience. The work time you’re finishing is getting longer and you may risk not properly not noting the details of the appointment or, worse, forgetting about it. All this means losing customers and money;

– a digital assistant (the plugin) makes your company more professional;

– with the prepayment function PayPal avoid waiting at the end of the intervention or nasty surprises (insolvent customers);

– you can maximize the number of appointments if you use the daily or weekly schedule;

– you can have reports and useful information to improve your services;

– with precise planning you will have a better ability to predict your income.

Right WordPress plugin for others is not said to suit you

In summary, a plugin developed to manage your appointments can greatly improve your operational efficiency and customer experience. What does that mean? You could increase your income without even noticing.

Before choosing a suitable plugin, it is good to understand if it is software oriented more on the management of appointments or reservations.

A plugin developed specifically for booking services for hotels or restaurants is more complex and features that a plumber would never use.

For your plumbing business, it’s best to focus on a simple and functional appointments plugin that’s easy to use and with everything you need to do your job.

Leaving aside hotel-specific plugins, know that most WP plugins for appointment management are aimed primarily at beauty centers, SPA, dentists, gyms, hairdressers. Most of these realities have almost nothing in common with the needs of a freelancer or plumber.

That’s why you should try NS Themes “Booking Calendar Agenda” plugin.

Booking Calendar Agenda: the best plugin to manage appointments

Those who offer services every hour need a plugin developed specifically to manage appointments.

“Booking Calendar Agenda” by NS Themes is a plugin for plumbers, also suitable for dentists, lawyers and all those professionals who provide services constantly.

This quick and easy-to-use software (for WooCommerce 2.5.0 and later) allows you to set the work week and daily working hours.

All you have to do is set your hourly price, after which the plugin will do the rest.

Your customers will have the option to check appointments within the “My Account” section. They can also ask to cancel the reservation through a contact form within MyAccount.

Here, below, all the functions of the “Booking Calendar Agenda” plugin:

– setting up the working week (Monday to Sunday);

– setting of daily working hours (from 00:00 to 24:00);

– setting of the hourly price;

– customer control of his booking on the MyAccount page;

– request from the customer to remove their booking;

– immediate receipt of payment PayPal;

– use the shortcode to enter the calendar wherever you want;

– personalized calendar color;

– annual report within the backend;

– integration with Outlook;

– translation of all inputs;

– use of the widget to insert the calendar;

– activation of the function “book now, pay later”;

– imports/exports CSV.

Before you request “Booking Calendar Agenda” of NS Themes in the Pro variant at low prices, you can test its effectiveness with the free version.

The annual license entitles you to one year of updates and support.


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