E-commerce: how to rate a product after purchasing it online?

How to rate a product after purchasing it online? In the age of E-Commerce it is increasingly important to carefully evaluate the products to put in the cart and to buy.

There are many factors that weigh on the product rating: from the brand to the size, from the technical characteristics to the performance ones.

The price cannot be the only factor that affects the valuation of a product, but they also affect other rating criteria, which differ according to the product to be purchased.

Since in digital marketing the product is a “good or service that meets the needs of consumers“, it is not only useful goods but also a symbol, a means of communication between individuals and between business and consumer.

For marketing the product is one of the variables of the marketing mixalong with the price, place and promotion.

In other words, we can define the product as a set of tangible and intangible attributes of a good or service aimed at procuring a benefit to a user, typically obtained through a production process.

A product is the result of a process of realization (if material) or dispensing (if service, or intangible product).

Once we understand the product definition we find out how to evaluate a product after purchasing it online.

E-Commerce, evaluate a purchased product: the importance of product system rating (PSR)

You have purchased your new online TV or hair straighteer, or your new PC or smartphone: regardless of the category of product purchased, you need to evaluate the item you have in your hands and use daily.

First, you will need to evaluate the characteristics of the purchased product, which is defined as everything that can be offered to a market for attention, acquisition, use or consumption, to satisfy a desire or need.

In the after-sales evaluation phase you have to take into account the fact that the product is not only the physical object itself (well), but also includes services, people, places, ideas, etc.

Therefore, it would be more correct to talk about product system rating since the Product System is in fact formed by the physical-technical product, packaging, brand and ancillary services.

The product system consists of:

  • physical and technical product: material product, components, technical and performance characteristics;
  • brand: trademark registered and unusable by competitors, all this can increase the level of positioning;
  • packaging, style, colour, design,
  • services: transport, testing, maintenance and assistance, insurance and guarantees.

At the same time, the product meets a range of more or less defined and expressed individual needs.

It is born, competes and communicates on a market where it presents itself as branded or unbranded, that is, recognizable or unrecognizable through a brand, a name, a sign, a color, a distinctive and exclusive form.

The branded product is already itself a communication and can make use of advertising; In this way, the company attempts to associate the product with a defined image by taking into account all the moments involved in the formation of the consumer’s attitude towards the product itself.

Brand communicates to a second level, only through the brand of the user who puts it on the market (private label).

Among the various attributes of the product, the company acts on those that are significant in the consumer’s purchasing decision to position it or to gain relative advantages over competitors.

A lot of attention is given to the formal aspects of the product, such as packaging and design, because these external elements give the communicative and symbolic ability of the product.

By equipping the product with more attributes corresponding to values that are important to the consumer, the company has a greater possibility of differentiation and positioning.

Evaluate a product purchased online: the type

To affect the product rating there is the type:

  • core product: it is the product or service that the consumer buys to meet a need;
  • expected product: includes other parts of a product, not essential, but which combine to provide benefits: quality, aesthetic profile, technical characteristics, brand,
  • augmented product: includes a bundle of benefits, i.e. a bundle of services and additional benefits offered to the customer: warranty, free delivery,
  • potential product: it is theoretically all that can be offered to the consumer, even to meet needs of which he does not yet have the awareness.

Evaluate a product purchased online: packaging

Packaging is nothing more than the casing of a given product: it is its business card, what is first noticed by the public before evaluating a possible purchase.

A winning envelope can prove to be an indispensable ally to convince potential customers to choose one product over another.

Why should those who run a store, e-commerce or business pay attention to packaging? Because it is what really allows the product to differentiate itself from the competition and what also affects the product rating.

Colors, shapes and writing stimulate consumers’ senses by convincing them of the quality of the product and guiding them towards purchase.

The packaging must reflect the Brand Identity and must be in line with the communicative style of the business: just think of big brands such as Apple, whose devices are contained in white and elegant boxes.

Evaluating a product purchased online: the quality factor

The product rating is affected by quality, understood as the ability to achieve the decided operational objectives. Quality is the set of characteristics of an entity that give it the ability to meet expressed and implicit needs.

The quality corresponding to customer satisfaction. It is about providing a product or services that meet customers’ expectations to retain them and thus improve their part of the market.

E-Commerce: Why is it important to implement a plugin?

Each seller or owner of an E-Commerce should implement a plugin that allows you to add a rating star to the product.

In addition, you can vote on products once a day, and within Plugin Option, you can view votes for all products. The plugin allows you to choose a color of stars.

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