WooCommerce: How to make donations and offer products at a free price?

Even in the world of the web as in the real world it is possible to make donationsand offer products at a free price.

The donation is a real small great gesture of altruism and of considerable civic, ethical and social value, with which one subject (who is technically called a donor) enriches another (donor) free of charge, that is, without asking for anything in return.

Let’s find out in this guide what are the advantages for those who make and receive a donation and for those who offer products at a free price.

Here’s what best plugin to implement in your WooCommerce site.

Donation on WooCommerce: what is it and how does it work?

The donation is a real contract, with which a subject (who is technically called a donor) enriches another (donor) free of charge, that is, without asking for anything in return.

The donation is a real contract with which you give yourself an asset (clothing, pc, shoes, etc.).

Any good can be the subject of a donation: to say that the donation is a contract means that the donor and the donor must agree to give and receive, then manifest their will to each other.

To make a donation you need to have the full ability to act. In practice, they cannot donate minors, foreless persons, disabled persons, persons subject to support administration if they have been deprived of the ability to dispose of their assets.

Legal, public and private entities can also donate. Minors can accept a donation only through their parents or their legal representatives who, in turn, must be authorized by the guardian court.

Online donation: case study

There are many E-Commerce giants that in recent years have donated products for philanthropic purposes.

Among the most emblematic cases is that of Amazon, which has donated thousands of products to the Italian Red Cross, for a total value of about 150 thousand euros.

They have been distributed to children and families in difficulty in Italy, in the areas belonging to the 18 regional committees and the more than 270 local committees of the Italian Red Cross that have joined the donation.

The donation – explains a company note – is part of the collaboration between Amazon and the Italian Red Cross, strengthened during the Covid-19 emergency.

Among the products donated are toys, school backpacks, mattresses, personal care and home cleaning products.

The donation of school supplies is essential to ensure that families can support their children in this difficult situation of emergency and economic crisis.

Online donation: Do I have to pay VAT?

Here’s a recurring question:

“Am I a merchant if I donate the products I market I have to pay VAT?”

Clothes or tablets no longer for sale that are donated to non-profit organizations can take advantage of the exemption from the VAT system.

This is provided for by an amendment of the Cura Italia Decree, which extends the tax benefits provided for by Law 166/2016 (so-so-good). ‘anti-waste law’ also applies to ‘textile products, clothing and furnishing products, toys, building materials and household appliances, as well as personal computers, tablets, e-readers, which are no longer marketed or not suitable for marketing for imperfections, alterations, damage or defects which do not alter their suitability for use or for other ‘similar reasons’.

The donation for the purposes of social solidarity does not pay VAT and does not generate revenues for the purposes of direct taxes according to the normal value of the goods (Art. 16 of law 166/2016).

Only donations of medicines, food, personal and household hygiene products, stationery and books are excluded from the VAT system, as the presumption of supply referred to in Art. 1 of DPR 441/1997.

Sustainability cannot be separated from words such as equality, dignity, social responsibility, awareness and participation.

Offering products for free on WooCommerce: benefits

Whether you’re an merchant or a private entity, you can offer products for free on WooCommerce.

To cope with the inventories of unsold products or stock of products from previous collections, each merchant may decide to offer products free of charge on their website.

Having a corporate philanthropic strategy means engaging in monitoring and evaluating what you do.

Companies know how to monitor and evaluate their business activities: they must not forget this when they engage in social work, especially if they have never done so before.

At a time of crisis as hard as this, every sign of movement is welcome. Taking quick steps on the path to corporate philanthropy is certainly a good sign.

Disadvantaged and needy families can contact sites that offer products for free.

They can request and receive at home products of any product category: clothing, footwear, bags, pCs, mobile phones, games, furniture, medicines, sanitary products, food goods etc.

WooCommerce: Making donations with a plugin

On a WooCommerce site you can implement a plugin that allows you to make donations and offer products at a free price.

Create your own product with free price and use this plugin to take donations. Works with all payment method.

Select only one product or many products to set with free price.

Set product like donation product.

See the total donation ammount.

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