E-Commerce: Is it possible to receive products at free prices?

In the era of E-Commerce it is not true that “there is no free meal”: many online stores offer users interesting products at free price.

In the midst of the economic crisis caused by the pandemic, it is possible to receive products at free prices. Let’s find out which are the most popular free products in the era of stores.

E-Commerce: the most popular products at the time of Covid

Among the most popular and requested free products in the era of E-Commerce are food products, pharmaceuticals and basic necessities.

According to data from the B2C eCommerce Observatory promoted by the School of Management of the Politecnico di Milano and Netcomm, the Food and Grocery section in 2020 saw a growth of 56%.

A prosperous future is therefore expected for all those who decide to invest in e-commerce, especially in the food sector.

Among the lowered shutters and endless lines in front of the supermarket entrances, people turned to the online stores.

Among the most requested and available online products are equipment for physical training at home.

Closed gyms have triggered the need to do physical activity where it is allowed to be: weights, fitness accessories and yoga equipment have thus given way to bags for gyms, clothing and equipment for outdoor sports and athletics light.

Working from home has increased the demand for computer monitors, keyboards and mice and office chairs, indispensable tools for setting up a workstation in the home.

The first categories of products most in demand through e-commerce during the health crisis are:

  • disposable gloves (+ 670%)
  • bread machines (+ 652%)
  • products for coughs and colds (+ 535%)
  • soups (+ 397%)
  • dry cereals and rice (+ 386%)
  • canned food (+ 377%)
  • packaged fruit cups (+ 326%)
  • weight training equipment (+ 307%)
  • milk and cream (279%)
  • products for washing dishes (275%).

The niche of children’s clothes is one of those that have always been more prolific and popular: the most common online requests were sportswear, shoes or accessories (ordered by 64% of online shoppers).

But online streaming or download services, deliveries from restaurants, fast food chains and catering services, furniture, home accessories or gardening products, cosmetics, beauty or wellness products are also available for free (27%), books, magazines or newspapers, computers, tablets, mobile phones or related accessories and music as a streaming or download service.

E-Commerce: free pharmaceutical products

There are many products that can be requested online, among these there are some particularly sought after.

Among these we certainly find the phytotherapeutic products that have the great merit of offering a maintenance of psycho-physical well-being, through the use of plants or plant extracts that have beneficial properties.

This category concerns products that are useful for the whole body, such as draining, purifying supplements, beneficial for the colon, liver or intestine or even highly sought-after antioxidant and anti-aging cosmetics.

The sector of natural supplements is highly sought after, which are particularly useful for weight control, for correct circulation, for supporting cartilage and for naturally fighting stress and the much hated insomnia.

Natural food supplements are also a very effective support for the vitamins to be assimilated and for mental and emotional well-being.

Not to forget the great demand for dermocosmetics, which include all products intended to satisfy all the activities they are intended for, such as facial cleansing, protection and hydration of hands, lips and chapped or reddened skin and anti-wrinkle, eye contour, anti-spot treatment.

E-Commerce: online books

Among the most popular free products are books, which are at the top of the ranking of the most purchased items on the Internet and Italy is no exception.

A good 15.4% of online purchases in the last quarter was represented by books. From novels to detective stories, from fiction books to fantasy books.

E-Commerce: online appliances

Among the most requested free products are smartphones, notebooks, refrigerators and freezers, televisions and air conditioners. In the queue we find washing machines and dryers, ovens, cookers and power tools.

Free pet products on the web

Pet care products include beds, custom bowls and training collars.

Housewares online on E-Commerce

Among the free products available online are household items, including watering cans, gardening products, LED lighting and indoor plants.

Toys and hobbies

Among the free products available on E-Commerce are toys and hobby products.

Although it is certainly not a booming market, there is always a constant demand for paints, charcoals, canvas and other artistic products.

Washable children’s paints allow creativity to run wild, without the fear of ruined carpets or clothes. This product experienced a 20% growth in demand.

Cartoon or movie branded products are in high demand and are offered by many E-Commerce for free.

E-Commerce: a plugin to set the free price

The Free Pricing and Donation plugin for WooCommerce allows you to create your free priced product and use it to make donations. Works with all payment methods.

The plugin must select a single product or many products to set up at free price, set a product as the donation product and see the total amount of donations.

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