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Is digital watermarking unassailable?


The advent of the Internet, the digital distribution of data and the progress of ICT have made more and more information available to users in digital format. The network, the protocols and the applications constitute an information structure developed to share huge quantities of multimedia data. However, information owners are reluctant to distribute their data […]

What is a watermark and how can we add it

The term watermarking or “digital watermark” refers to the inclusion of information within a multimedia file, which can subsequently be detected or extracted to draw information on its origin and source. In other words, the watermark refers to a set of techniques that are intended to hide information in videos, images, audio files, etc. Thanks […]

Best WooCommerce recover abandoned cart plugins: Free and premium

You are curious about which plugins will help you reduce the shopping cart abandonment rate.

The problem of abandoned shopping cart is one of the most significant problems for the management of an online store. Recent research conducted in the E-Commerce sector has shown that as many as three shopping carts out of four are abandoned. On average, over 70% of potential customers leave the shopping cart. For this reason, […]


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