Best WooCommerce recover abandoned cart plugins: Free and premium

You are curious about which plugins will help you reduce the shopping cart abandonment rate.

The problem of abandoned shopping cart is one of the most significant problems for the management of an online store.

Recent research conducted in the E-Commerce sector has shown that as many as three shopping carts out of four are abandoned.

On average, over 70% of potential customers leave the shopping cart.

For this reason, after calculating the shopping cart abandonment rate, every digital entrepreneur must know how to solve this problem.

How? Just implement free and premium plugins that serve to add E-Commerce functionality on WordPress sites.

You are curious about which plugins will help you reduce the shopping cart abandonment rate.

Are you ready to start? Well, then continue reading this guide.

Abandonment rate shopping carts: statistics

According to the Baymard Institute, customers abandon shopping carts for the following reasons:

  • High shipping costs (55%)
  • Opening an account (34%)
  • Complicated checkout process (26%)
  • Unsafe payment methods (17%)
  • The website generated errors (17%)
  • Insufficient payment options (6%)

Other reasons that can lead users to not complete orders are: little choice of products in stock, checkout errors, non-transparent returns policy, poor brand loyalty, slow site, few promotions and zero welcome coupons.

Investigating the reasons does not allow us to reduce the cart abandonment rate if we do not implement the best WooCommerce recover abandoned cart plugins.

Best WooCommerce recover abandoned cart plugins

Let’s find out which are the best WooCommerce recover abandoned cart plugins.

How to Correct the Abandonment of the Shopping Cart with the Shopping Cart Abandonment Email

To reduce the cart abandonment rate, it is essential to recover customers with help from cart abandonment emails.

The statistics speak for themselves: cart abandonment emails can lead to an 18.64% increase in conversion rates (source: Barilliance).

Thanks to a WooCommerce plugin it is possible to integrate the recovery functions of abandoned carts.

Among the best practices for Abandonment Emails you should aim to send at least 3.

Send the first email within an hour. If you send more than 24 hours, the conversion rate halves. Then, send the second email 24-36 hours after leaving and the third 72 hours later.

In each of the emails sent, you offer a discount, a promotion or a welcome bonus to convert leads into real customers.

Abandoned cart? Possible solutions and strategies to increase conversions

Clearly, based on the site’s performance, it is possible to find a certain percentage of users who do not finalize the purchase but who find themselves – for the most disparate reasons – to abandon the cart and, consequently, not to register conversions on the site.

Precisely for this reason, it is good that any e-commerce site applies targeted marketing strategies, with the aim of reducing to the minimum the possibility of abandoning the cart and, in the event, of developing techniques to recover it.

More in detail, let’s see what the most effective practices are for achieving the purchase objective and for the customer to check out.

  • E-mail Marketing: this is one of the most used and most effective methods to reach the goal of cart recovery. Email marketing consists of sending – via e-mail – a communication to remind users who have left the cart “open” and invite them to proceed with the finalization of the purchase. Generally, the reminder is sent within an hour after the cart has been abandoned and, if the communication is ignored, the email marketing must be sent again a few days later. Obviously, it would be preferable that, in this case, specify the possibility of accessing an advantageous offer valid only for the abandoned cart, in order to convert the prospect into an actual customer.
  • Remarketing: this strategy is really effective but never intrusive and works very well too. In fact, during navigation, cookies are saved that leave a trace of the online path followed by the user. This means that, even after the cart is abandoned, with remarketing – on another site – slots will appear in which the products or services that had previously been selected by the user will be visible. In this, good help will come from Google Ads and Facebook Advertising campaigns.
  • Safety, authority, flexibility and constant control of the site: another technique to be developed to reduce the percentage of users who abandon the cart, is that of a constant and precise control of their site which must guarantee appreciable performance. Especially in e-commerce, it will be necessary for the users of the site to have total guarantee of safety and authority of the same. In other words, they can be trusted. That is why it is good that the page is performing but appealing, that it ensures a positive user experience, which clearly indicates which are the return policies of the company, which is user friendly. Above all, it will be good to make check-out as simple as possible and include as many payment methods as possible.

In all this, it must never be forgotten that all communications and strategies used to increase the possibility of recovering the trolley must necessarily be characterized by the “call to action”. Literally “call to action”, this strategy is based on an imperative that makes purchasing easier and faster. For example “Buy now”, “Take advantage of the offer”, “Pay now” and so on, are expressions that encourage the user to finalize the purchase.

Best WooCommerce recover abandoned shopping cart plugin: Which one to choose?

Are you looking for a multi-functional plugin that really helps you reduce the shopping cart abandonment rate?

Discover NS Recover Abandoned Cart Plugin!

Thanks to this plugin you can:

• choose a timeout to set the ABANDONED state to carts,
• specify the timeout after which an email will be sent to users with PENDING state cart,
• choose the mail sender,
• set the mail template and color that you like,
• customize body mail.

This plugin is compatible with WooCommerce

For each cart recorded the plugin shows the owner email and IP Address. 

NS Recover Abandoned Cart Plugin allows to keep tracks of non registered users cart, marking them as Guest and still saving their IP Address.

How to install?

• Upload the entire ‘ns-recover-abandoned-cart’ folder to the ‘/wp-content/plugins/’ directory
• Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
• View admin menu, then click on ‘NS Recover Abandoned Cart’.


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