Plugins for notaries, here’s how to set up a work week

Are you looking for a plugin for notaries? The notary’s profession has also undergone a series of organizational changes caused by technological innovation and digitalization.

In the age of computers and ICT, the notary offers a 360-degree service to his private clients: today the notary is a holistic consultant who must provide his services paying the utmost attention to quality and timeliness

Because private customers don’t have the right skills to keep up with regulatory changes that are constantly occurring, the notary needs to be able to respond and communicate promptly with customers.

Therefore, notaries in addition to being excellent consultants must be skilled organizers and communicators. For this, you need to support your notary activity with the use of useful tools.

A plugin for notaries is the perfect solution to better organize appointments with their customers. Let’s find out in this guide how the notary’s profession has changed and what are the advantages deriving from using a plugin for notary studies.

Notary: How has the profession evolved?

The notary provides highly specialized activities in the management of operations of fundamental importance in people’s lives and affairs.

He deals with real estate acts, mortgages, successions and wills, matrimonial agreements, corporate acts, support in the management of the assets of the incapacitated.

Buying and selling houses, apartments and real estate in general, donations, inheritance, mortgage ignitions, are the most carried out by a notary study.

The practice is now to contact the notary before even having purchased the property, to get advice on the best operation.

In this context, the notary provides a consultancy service that until recently was unthinkable, as the professional was seen only as a mere executor and public official mainly for acts of real estate purchase.

Today the notary personally follows all the practices of his study and devotes all the necessary time to the organization and good management of his activity.

It is essential to be able to consult the notary even before the signing of the act, at no additional cost, to choose with him the solution that best suits his needs.

In a recent interview with Rahm Emanuel, the former mayor of Chicago, it emerged that the times are complex and difficult for all legal and non-legal professions.

“Everything is in question and in transformation: habits, lifestyles, professions; we must not be afraid of this change, which offers those who have courage new opportunities to seize; let us not miss them and above all let us not waste this crisis, as with great wisdom and foresight”.

The main objective is to know how to age the profession of notary and prepare to be protagonists of change, starting from a new and different image of the notary.

Communication is important and decisive, we need to have organization, efficiency, rigour, study, preparation, problem analysis skills and the ability to offer simple and fast solutions to seemingly complex problems.

It is necessary to accept the technological challenge without fear of the digital act even at a distance.

Digital notary act at a distance: the new challenge in the age of Covid

The keyword “digital notary act at a distance” qualifies the various solutions that can be adopted in the event that the parts of an act cannot or do not want to be in the notary’s study at the same time.

In view of the restrictions imposed by the Government, the remotely notarial deed may be necessary when the parties are in different parts of Italy.

In addition, it allows you to avoid travel expenses, as well as to save time and money.

The use of technology offers numerous possibilities that until a few years ago were unthinkable.

For example, videoconferencing, private writing with separate subscriptions and power of attorney.

Authenticated private writing is a form in which almost all notarial acts can be written and allows the parties to sign at two different times.

In the event of a sale, the buyer and seller could sign at different times and days, possibly taking advantage of the notary’s “deposit account” for the payment of the price. You can also take out a digital act directly.

The power of attorney allows to confer the powers for the conclusion of the act to another person, with less difficulty in moving given the restrictions and travel limits imposed by the Government due to the Covid pandemic.

You can enter into a digital power of attorney, which will be sent by e-mail to the notary who will receive the final deed.

For business clients, video conference can also be used for company meetings: Decree Law No. 18/2020 allows to hold the meetings of capital companies entirely in video conference, without the physical presence of anyone in the notary’s office.

This saves time and money, avoiding travel.

This is the scenario and the challenge that the notary must be able to face, in order to avoid being excluded from the competition.

Notary Plugin: How to best manage a studio?

How to run a notary studio? The growth of the activity of a notary firm depends on the ability of the leading notary of the firm, but also on the suite of tools and software necessary to manage each procedure.

A plugin for notaries is the flexible solution that guarantees maximum simplicity and agility in use (from booking appointments with your customers to managing a practice, from drafting the deed to obligations, from accounting to control).

Thanks to the Plugin for notaries it is possible to set up a working week with efficiency and maximum effectiveness, better organizing the appointment agenda.

Notary Plugin: What are the advantages?

Implementing a Plugin for Notaries within your studio allows you to make the most of resources, reduce costs, speed up the procedures and activities of a notal study, and rely on an agile and secure tool.

A Notary Plugin allows each notary to focus on consulting activities and spend as little time as possible on those “bureaucratic” and administrative tasks that cost money.

Here are the good benefits of buying a Notaries Plugin.

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