Booking calendar agenda Plugin: how to manage online reservations?

Are you a freelancer? A lawyer? Do you have a doctor’s office? In this guide, we explain how to manage online reservations with the Booking calendar agenda tool, the most popular and popular plugin.

With its clear and tidy control panel, you can manage reservations and appointments to simplify your life to the fullest.

Just configure the calendar and insert the plugin on your pages through a shortcode.

Thanks to Booking Caledar agenda your customers will be able to click on the calendar, fill out a form and book instantly.

It will be a great convenience for them to check available dates and times and book an appointment directly from your website.

Your customers will thank you.

Now that you know the potential of this plugin that can be downloaded for free from the bulletin board of your WordPress site, let’s move on to the heart of the guide.

Our focus is on the importance and benefits of making online reservations for a professional like you.

You can set the hourly rate and your customers can book and change the day and time of the appointment through a direct contact form.

We are concerned with describing the great advantages of this system.

Advantages for the company and its customers (already loyal or potential). Yes, because this tool will also help you increase the conversions of your website.

Booking calendar agenda: how does it work?

In an increasingly digitalized world, ERP and management software are able to improve and speed up all the management of the company activity.

The online booking software allows the customer to make an appointment and pay for a service independently, directly through the website.

It can manage everything on the Internet, from booking to payment and, in this way, greatly reduces the workload of staff.

Obviously, having such a system does not prevent you from using, alternatively, also the classic booking system that employs the operator on the phone.

This type of software allows you to book also via mobile device, increasing the number of new potential customers.

In the absence of such a system, the increase in the number of customers necessarily entails an increase in the demand for staff, as well as waiting times and the possibility of making mistakes.

With a software such as Booking calendar agenda, the management of online reservations makes customer service super effective, perfect, immaculate, with no possibility of error.

Everything speeds up and becomes simpler, but the advantages are also others and you will discover them later.

Let’s analyze them all.

Online reservations: fast service, more customers

The transition from traditional customer service to online booking software allows many companies to save time and money.

Avoid professionals and businesses from hiring staff to make appointments over the phone.

It is a quick system that allows customers to book independently by receiving a confirmation by e-mail without having to wait on the phone or ask for information.

What does this mean? A fast and efficient system translates into an increase in bookings received, therefore an increase in customers.

Online booking improves a company’s image and visibility

Any efficient and quick service always rewards the company. Booking calendar agenda is no exception.

This software allows many companies to improve their image, to grow their visibility together with customers.

Possibility of errors cleared with Booking calendar agenda

The system for managing online reservations allows loyal or potential customers to check the availability of appointments in real time. In this way, errors, misunderstandings and misunderstandings that can be responsible for a negative experience are eliminated.

24 hour reservations and strategies to retain customers

If with the classic telephone customer service you can make an appointment only during office hours, with the Booking calendar agenda the customer can book without time limits, 24 hours a day, even on holidays, avoiding long waits due to the busy telephone line. You can imagine for yourself how many customers can get lost due to the many difficulties of the traditional booking system.

With automatic online booking you don’t lose any customer.

Rather, you may at some point run out of bookings due to excessive requests. In this case, you could propose alternative solutions to not lose customers: automatic proposals from other times or a discount if they agree to postpone the appointment to the first available availability.

To facilitate the customer, you could give him the opportunity to schedule recurring appointments at once (for example, if he needs an appointment every Friday for the next two months).

This type of planning and flexibility in online reservations will serve you to retain customers.

The automatic sending of an SMS or e-mail from the booking system to remind customers of the appointment is a welcome plus for the reminder.

Marketing data collection and analysis

Data collection and booking activities received from customers also allow you to use advanced online booking software to the full advantage of Marketing analysis.

It can work in a similar way to a CRM with the ability to share data on other corporate platforms to be exploited as a strategic asset in terms of Marketing and Sales.

Thanks to the analysis of this information, your company’s Marketing team can define targeted communication strategies to attract the attention of your customers.

About information and privacy: a good online booking system must guarantee data security with the encrypted system and secure storage on the Cloud.

Online reservations through various devices

If, in the past, you could only use the phone to book a service, today thanks to the Booking calendar agenda and the like you can use multiple mobile devices.

The customer can make online reservations from smartphones, PCs, laptops, tablets in comfort.

The company also exploits this possibility.

Those who manage reservations can access the calendar at any time to check all appointments.

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