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Is it possible to transform WooCommerce from shop to product catalog?

woocommerce product catalog

Transform WooCommerce from E-Shop into a Product Catalog? Have you ever thought what the benefits could be? If you want a product catalog instead of an E-Store, WooCommerce helps you do it and reach your set goals. In the E-Commerce era it is increasingly important to be online and the option is a highly customized […]

E-Commerce: How does product rating plugin work?

For an E-Commerce, evaluating a product is a really important strategic resource to beat the competition and to retain customers. There is too much concern about the User Experience and in the end too many mistakes are made in the presentation of the products or in the preparation of the product sheets. A bad mistake […]

E-Commerce: does the product rating help sell?

woocommerce product rating

How important is it to evaluate a product within an E-Commerce? What are the benefits for end customers and sellers? Let’s find out in this guide. E-Commerce Strategies: Highlights Selling online means standing out from the competition and focusing on the distinctive features of a product, which make it unique and of great added value […]


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