Is it possible to transform WooCommerce from shop to product catalog?

woocommerce product catalog

Transform WooCommerce from E-Shop into a Product Catalog? Have you ever thought what the benefits could be? If you want a product catalog instead of an E-Store, WooCommerce helps you do it and reach your set goals.

In the E-Commerce era it is increasingly important to be online and the option is a highly customized and custom-tailored platform.

WooCommerce is one of the most popular B2C E-Commerce software for the WordPress platform and is able to transform a site from a simple showcase to a real product catalog.

WooCommerce: from the E-Store to the Product Catalog

The objectives of a company are different and, nevertheless, those included in the E-Commerce sector have a clearly identified objective: to ensure the sale of their products.

The best way to sell products and create a successful marketing strategy is to create a catalog of products that fully encompasses the company’s offer.

The concept of a traditionally produced catalog is associated with that of a paper book. Right now, in reality, the idea of ​​a paper catalog seems ineffective in presenting products to the public of potential customers.

But, on the contrary, companies are increasingly relying on the digital product catalog which, by exploiting the Internet, aims to achieve the same objectives in a targeted and effective manner.

Yes, thanks to the versatility and customization of WooCommerce it is possible to transform an E-Commerce into a real Product Catalog.

Among the main advantages of each seller can benefit from the following features:

  • flexibility in the structure,
  • ease of use in inserting text and multimedia content,
  • detailed product description and extensive photo gallery. You can also indicate the additional information (weight and size of the product), the related articles (up-sell and cross-sell) and define the attributes. Attributes allow you to define other product data such as size and color, in the case of clothing sales,
  • inventory management: it is possible to independently manage inventory and enable inventory management in products,
  • showing product price only for registered user,
  • choosing where you want to redirect cart page,
  • hidding price for any single product,
  • setting text for Add to cart button,
  • showing Add to cart only in single product page if user is logged in,
  • enabling/disabling WooCommerce Catalog.

WooCommerce: how should a good catalog be organized?

A product catalog does not tell the story of the retailer, but shows what is sold and does it in the simplest and most organized way possible to favor a purchase order (both of the single buyer and the distributor).

So, to be effective, the Product Catalog must be versatile and designed to be able to respond promptly to certain needs.

The way it is organized says a lot about retailers or other presentation and communication tools: the catalog represents the company, what it actually does beyond promotional texts, advertising content, and its corporate storytelling.

The design of a Product Catalog really tells a lot about how a retailer is organized to promote their commercial offer, regardless of the product categories sold.

The product catalog must therefore be designed in such a way as to attract the customer, communicate exhaustive information, without confusing it and without misleading it.

With a few tricks, creating an online Product Catalog becomes simple: thanks to an effective design and a simple and intuitive layout, each vendor is able to offer the products and services offered always in the best way during each negotiation with customers.

Creating a Product Catalog: here are the right tricks


To present a product within the E-Commerce Product Catalog it is good to start with a good photograph.

Each seller can decide to take photos of your products yourself. If you think you don’t have enough experience, you can rely on the experience of professional photographers.

Since the products are viewed online by customers, it is essential to publish a photograph or image of the highest quality.

Product description

In addition to photography, a good Product Catalog must contain a detailed and rich description.

To write a description of the product as painstakingly, it is essential to take into account the fact that the customer often decides whether to buy an item according to his needs.

Therefore, it is good to never forget to contextualize the product to sell and clearly highlight the advantages and characteristics of the product.

In this way the customer will understand whether the purchase of the product is really for him or not.

A coordinated image

Each product page of the catalog must be properly inserted within an effective marketing strategy.

This will allow potential customers to live an authentic shopping experience and, consequently, buy or not, according to different needs.

Cross-selling layout and strategies

To be successful it is important to take care of the layout: the most popular products among customers or the most appealing ones must be highlighted compared to the others, thanks to a larger image than the others, and they must be easy to find within the entire Product Catalog.

Implementing cross-selling strategies could prove to be much more interesting for the business of the seller: it is a good idea to propose buying suggestions to buy in combination with a certain product.

WooCommerce: what are the advantages of creating a digital Product Catalog?

Every online company cannot help but notice that an idea like the digital Product Catalog represents a fast, inexpensive marketing strategy that can reach a potentially high number of customers.

Thanks to the creation of a digital Product Catalog you can benefit from interesting advantages:

  • creation of a digital and interactive tool,
  • sharing on Social,
  • creation of browsable, interactive presentations, always up to date and always available
  • offer of extra multimedia content within your publication (video, audio, link, etc.)
  • presentation of your offer in an innovative way
  • saving time
  • integration with other business tools.

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