E-Commerce Multi-Vendor Marketplace Platform: what are the benefits for your online business?

What is the use of transforming a simple virtual store into an E-Commerce Multi-Vendor Marketplace Platform?

First, let’s explain what Multi-Vendor Marketplace e-commerce is and what benefits it offers to your online business.

Those who have a physical store decide to open an online shop to increase sales. Those who have a standard e-commerce intend to transform it into a multi-vendor to increase even more, much more, the customer base and online sales.

It is a virtual platform similar to colossal marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay, Alibaba, Aliexpress. Users can find any type of product by comparing the best offers on the market.

Such a platform must be easy to use, intuitive and mobile friendly, responsive (compatible with PC and mobile devices)

Let’s see how and why it is convenient to transform an e-commerce into a multivendor marketplace, how it works and what are the advantages.

E-Commerce Multi-Vendor Marketplace Platform: what it is and how it works

The E-Commerce Multi Vendor Marketplace Platform allows sellers to offer their products to a huge pool of users.

By joining this platform, sellers create their own virtual stores within the Marketplace. Web reputation inevitably grow visibly.

This platform is the evolution of e-commerce: it attracts sellers for the considerable user traffic that increases the possibility of increasing the business and for the impeccable organization (purchases, shipments, payments, etc.).

E-Commerce Multi-Vendor MarketPlace: what are the benefits for your online business?

The advantages offered by a Multi-Vendor e-commerce platform are numerous and all important:

– simplification of commercial transactions.

Most sellers do not have sufficient technical knowledge to manage an e-commerce independently;

– increase in business and sales;

– easy and quick creation of effective product sheets thanks to a pre-set system containing everything you need to attract customers (titles, descriptions, photos, details, etc.);

– easy warehouse management, orders (including tracking) and packaging, inventory. Sellers can keep track of inventory and be notified when stocks are running out;

– Numerous payment options to allow customers to choose their preferred payment method. This opportunity offered helps to increase sales;

– possibility to create a showcase highlighting the offer of products at super competitive prices;

– release of feedback on the products sold by customers;

– opportunity to offer the products offered abroad, further expanding the pool of potential customers.

Those who manage a Multi-vendor Marketplace e-commerce earn a commission on each product sold. The more sellers he attracts to his marketplace, the more he will earn. The more traffic increases, the better the platform will rank in search engines.

The owner of a Multi-Vendor Marketplace has the great opportunity to study the market and the competition in the field, to find out what are the trending products, the prices.

Furthermore, it is a more practical and economical sales channel than proprietary e-commerce.

How to transform your online shop into an E-Commerce Multi-Vendor Marketplace quickly and easily?

Creating and managing a multi-vendor marketplace platform e-commerce involves numerous activities, including:

– interface setting;

– creation of the main pages;

– currency setting;

– creation of newsletters or special promotions;

– updating of antivirus programs;

– technical support to be guaranteed to sellers.

Most e-commerce owners are not involved in programming and carefully avoid working on code. Those who are fasting programming, in modifying the code incorrectly, could risk technical problems (malfunction, loss of data if they do not perform a correct backup).

The majority of those who manage an e-commerce rely on ad hoc developed software, special multi-vendor marketplace extensions capable of performing the conversion easily and quickly automatically. This way, they get the marketplace platform setup right away.

Once the plugin is installed, it will take a few simple steps to see the panel for the multi-vendor administrator and the one for the sellers appear with every detail already set.

How to recognize the best multivendor plugin: functionality

You recognize the best plugins that can transform a simple e-commerce into a multi-vendor by the presence of important features:

– intuitive front-end and dashboard to allow, respectively, to easily navigate and manage various essential activities without problems (order management, loading products, etc.);

– flexible options for the payment of commissions;

– display of buttons that allow you to share on social networks;

– payment option via PayPal;

– guaranteed and fast technical support, execution of updates, corrections, inclusion of new functions.

All these features are not available in the free plugins. You have to choose Pro, advanced software.

Focus on the “Multi vendor Marketplace” plugin: why you should use it

Before purchasing the Pro version of NS Themes “Marketplace multi vendor” plugin, you will be able to test the potential of this software thanks to the free version.

The advanced version, affordable and accessible to all, allows you to convert your e-commerce into a multi-vendor marketplace.

It guarantees essential features with which you can:

– set Standard and Exclusive Sellers in different percentages;

– favor or demote Sellers in the administration panel;

– view the social sharing buttons on the page of each individual product;

– allow direct payment with PayPal.

More exciting features are coming soon.

With the “Multi vendor Marketplace” plugin it is possible to insert, modify, delete and sell products automatically.

To start the sale, just fill in the required fields. No code is needed.

This plugin works with WooCommerce (requirements: WordPress 4.8+, WooCommerce 2.5.0+ and PHP 5.6+). Those who are already registered on WooCommerce can use the plugin from their account: otherwise, they will have to register on the platform.

NS Themes “Multi Vendor Marketplace” allows you to significantly reduce the real development costs of a multi-vendor e-commerce marketplace without considering the many hours of work saved.

Try it and tell us how it went.

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