Multi-vendor Marketplace plugin: eCommerce at the time of Covid-19

E-Commerce at the time of Covid-19 “flies”. According to estimates by the B2c eCommerce Observatory promoted by the School of Management of the Politecnico di Milano, in 2020 eCommerce will reach 22.7 billion.

In practice, € 4.7 billion more (+ 26%) than in 2019. In this guide, we want to tell you about Multi-vendor Marketplace plugin because eCommerce is evolving. More and more people are thinking of creating a marketplace on the web, the online variant of the physical supermarket.

During the lockdown, for most of the population, eCommerce was the only contact with the outside world, the only safe way to make purchases of any kind.

This also remains in the post-Covid phase. Physical and digital world merge and the need arises to develop an eCommerce channel fully integrated with the physical experience.

E-Commerce itself is evolving: the various shops tend to create a system by organizing themselves into marketplaces (local or national), in a single platform.

Multi-vendor Marketplace offers huge benefits to individual sellers. How to transform a simple eCommerce into a Multi-vendor marketplace Platform in a simple, fast and effective way? Read on and you will find out.

Multi-Vendor Marketplace plugin: the advantages of transforming an e-shop into a digital supermarket

Multivendor Marketplace is to e-Commerce as the supermarket is to the retail store. Those who buy in a multivendor marketplace can choose multiple products through a single online sales channel, saving on shipping.

Amazon, Alibaba, eBay, Aliexpress are successful examples of Multi-vendor marketplace platform. This platform offers users much more than just e-Commerce: it is possible to find everything at competitive prices. To the sellers who join the platform, the Multi-vendor offers a virtual shop within it, a huge customer base and a strong increase in online sales.

Those who run a Multi-vendor Marketplace e-commerce earn a commission on every product sold. Earnings multiply based on the number of sellers who join the platform. The positioning in the search engines grows in proportion to the traffic generated. Furthermore, the digital supermarket is a cheaper sales channel than proprietary e-commerce.

Business flies thanks to the flawless organization of this platform. Together with sales, the visibility and web reputation of companies grow.

The benefits for sellers who join the Multi-vendor Marketplace

More and more individual sellers decide to join the Multi-vendor marketplace platform for the many advantages it offers:- increase in sales, business, visibility, reputation with the possibility of issuing feedback from customers on the products sold;- possibility of expanding the customer base also abroad;- creation of a showcase able to highlight the offer of products at competitive prices;- simplified commercial transactions;- quick and easy creation of effective and complete product sheets;- simplified management of the warehouse, orders, packaging with the possibility of keeping track of inventory and stocks;- numerous payment options for customers.

Transform your e-shop into Multi-Vendor Marketplace with a plugin

Multivendor Marketplace platform must be easy to use, intuitive, mobile friendly, responsive (compatible with PCs and mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets).There are many aspects to take care of to create an ad hoc platform of this kind.

We need to think about setting up a suitable interface, creating main pages, newsletters and special promotions, setting up sales cards and currencies, payment methods. It is necessary to update antivirus programs, guarantee flawless technical support to vendors, and much more.

Most of the sellers are not programmers and do not think in the slightest of ‘touching’ the code to turn their E-Commerce into a Multi-vendor Marketplace Platform.

Those who do not know programming well and want to improvise by modifying the code, if they miss even one step could risk malfunctions, loss of data.

Risking such troubles is not convenient: you waste time and money.Almost all those who manage an e-shop have solved it by relying on a simple plugin, a software developed ad hoc.

Basically, it’s a multi-vendor marketplace extension that converts quickly, easily, automatically. With the plugin you immediately get the configuration of the multivendor platform. With a few simple steps, you will see the panel for the administrator and the one for the sellers appear with all the details, the custom shipping methods and the functions already set.

The important features of the best Multivendor Markeplace plugin

Immediately transform an e-commerce into a Multivendor Marketplace platform.

A small tech miracle for those who want to start working and expanding the business immediately. Yes, but what important functions should an effective plugin have? The fundamental features are these: – intuitive front-end to allow easy navigation; – intuitive dashboard to easily manage the various essential activities for the Multivendor (product loading, order management, etc.); – numerous payment options including Paypal; – flexible options for the payment of commissions; – buttons that allow you to share on social networks; – efficient and fast technical support.

The Multivendor must be able to receive and provide technical support to sellers (for example, the traceability of goods in real time during delivery); – execution of updates, modifications, corrections, with the possibility of adding new functions. Free plugins may allow you to test the offered solutions but do not offer you these features. You have to rely on Pro, advanced plugins.

Why the “Multi vendor Marketplace” plugin works

To create a successful Multivendor business, you must first create a perfect, intuitive, complete and effective platform. To do this, you need to choose the right conversion plugin.

A right plugin to succeed in the enterprise is NS Themes “Multi vendor Marketplace”, which also allows you to test its potential in the free version.

The Pro version, the advanced and complete one, is sold at affordable prices to everyone.

By converting your e-shop into a multi-vendor marketplace, it offers you all the features you need.

Among these functions, you can for example set Standard and Exclusive Sellers in various percentages, promote or demote Sellers in the admin panel.

You can also view the social sharing buttons for each product and offer different payment methods including Paypal. Coming soon, this plugin will integrate exciting new features.

With “Marketplace multi vendor” it is easy to insert, modify, delete and sell products automatically. You don’t need any code to use it: you need to register on the WooCommerce platform. To start selling, just fill in the required fields.

If you want to reduce the development costs of a Multivendor e-commerce and save time try NS Themes “Multi vendor Marketplace” and let us know how it went.

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