Free price and donation for WooCommerce: which plugin to choose?

Your Google search aims to discover free price and donation for WooCommerce.

You’ve been thinking about it for some time and, this time, you’ve decided: you want to start a donation system in your WooCommerce online store. You know well that online donation is a phenomenon that has been gaining ground in recent years on the web.

The question arises: which plugin to choose?

To answer the question, there is only one thing to do: compare the features and benefits offered by each individual plugin available.

What are the free plugins that best meet your site’s needs?

Find out in our selection.

Free WooCommerce donation plugins: general benefits

Before the comparison between plugins, we report the general advantages offered by the use of these tools on the WooCommerce platform.

These plugins allow you to:

– set a minimum and maximum donation amount or give users the opportunity to donate any amount they wish;

– make sure that your users can make the donation on the shopping cart page, on the product page or on the payment page;

– set donations manually or automatically;

– manage reports on donations;

– enable or disable the fees for donations.

In this guide, we have selected the following plugins for WooCommerce donations

– Woo Donations

– YITH Donations

– GiveWP.

They are the best, the most popular and updated ones.

Donations for a just cause increase the reputation of an e-commerce site

Add to your WooCommerce store the possibility for your users to make donations for a just cause or to contribute to important solidarity campaigns.

To do this, you need to use a dedicated plugin in order to add a donation form, also specifying the amount to be donated.

Adding donations to your ecommerce check-in page to support a worthy cause helps increase the reputation of your site on the Internet. Customers will be motivated to donate part of their cart amount.

People are driven to do business with companies that help improve society. It is a positive experience that pushes consumers to give greater confidence to the online seller.

The donation campaign is an important gesture both for brands and for websites and e-commerce stores.

Plugin to collect donations and funds: what features should it have?

One of the features well appreciated by users of a plugin to install a plugin to collect donations and funds is simplicity, which allows donors to contribute to the campaign.

After creating the campaign via plugins, you can quickly add it to any WordPress page on your website.

If you have an E-Commerce it is appreciable to start a fundraising campaign for humanitarian purposes: just fill out a simple form by choosing the payment method.

A Plugin to collect donations and funds allows you to improve web reputation and stimulate a sense of community by asking donors to share and support your fundraising campaign.

In addition, among the most appreciated features of a Plugin to collect donations and funds is sharing through the creation of a special button.

Plugin to collect donations and funds: what are the most appreciated features?

Once you understand the characteristics of a Plugin to collect donations and funds, it is good to analyze the functions:

– creation of a donation form for unlimited crowdfunding campaigns,

– variety in payment methods, including Paypal support,

– facilitation in accepting payments and creating subscriptions thanks to the integration of modules,

– compatibility with WooCommerce,

– multilingual support,

– integration of social networks,

– support for email notifications,

– support for recurring donations form,

– creation of embeddable widgets that allows users to share the campaign on the sites,

– real-time revenue monitoring,

– personalization and management of panels dedicated to donations,

– possibility to set a minimum limit for sending donations,

– customization of colors, fonts, texts and currency symbols,

– possibility to add an offline donation procedure,

-monitoring of campaign and transaction management,

– using reports to make better decisions in the future,

– insertion of terms and conditions for donations.

Plugin to collect donations and funds: which one to choose?

Among the donation plugins for WooCommerce, Free Price and Donation for WooCommerce is one of the most interesting. It allows you to create a donation option with an amount specified on your site or whatever amount users want to donate.

Allows you to set:

– the donation form in the shopping cart or on the payment page thanks to the “Add donation” function. You can set the form on any page using a shortcode;

– a specific product from the list of products for the user’s donation;

– a non-shipping, non-taxable product intended for donation;

– the text of the personalized donation button;

– the color of the donate button according to your theme.

If the customer skips the Cart page or goes directly to the checkout without making any donation, a link on the checkout will be shown so that it can be performed.

Get donation reports and campaign support.

After setting up all the various sections, you are ready to add the project by giving it a name and entering other details.

Once you have set up and entered all the data, you will need to add the shortcode to publish the project.

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