Insert button for donations on WordPress: what you need to know

You may decide to raise money for a good cause or to cover your blog costs.

For fundraising and donations, you can opt for the method of affiliations, advertisements or banners. You also have another option: use donation buttons. In the latter case, you will have to find out how to insert a donation button on WordPress.

The vast majority of blogs and non-profit organizations add the Paypal donation button to their WP sites. This is because PayPal makes receiving donation payments extremely easy.

There are numerous plugins for Paypal donations: among these, we find PayPal Donation Button, PayPal + MailChimp Donation Buttons and Donations seamlessly.
The best known is PayPal Donations (free and with a customizable image) with which, however, it is possible to enter only one PayPal account.
If you need to enter multiple e-mail addresses for donations, you can use the Smart Donations plugin which, moreover, allows you to send money via PayPal and WePay.

In this guide, we will explain how to insert this button on the donation pages or in the sidebar.

Insert button for donations on

There are two methods of inserting the donation button on WordPress PayPal.
The former is used exclusively for self-hosted sites, while the latter is used for sites. We will talk about the second later. Now let’s focus on the first.

To add the button, you will need to access your dashboard (WP admin wall). To install and activate the free plugin, visit Settings » PayPal Donations.

You will need to provide your PayPal email used to create the account, after which you will choose a currency.

During installation, this plugin allows you to:

– provide a personalized donation page URL from your PayPal account;
– create a return URL (a thank you page created on WordPress) to allow users to be redirected immediately after making the donation;
– add a fixed amount, purpose and reference for donations;
– choose a button style.
Once you have set everything you need you can save.

How to display the Paypal donation button

To view it, you have two chances:

– use the shortcode [donation-paypal] on every WP page or post;
– access the Appearance» Widget section in the WordPress administrator by adding the button to a sidebar. For the Paypal donation widget, all you have to do is insert a title and a text and save the settings.

Add donation button on

To place the donation button on, you will need to manually add a code. It must be entered by hand as allows you to install a plugin.
However, this method is also suitable for all WP users intend to install plugin.

Here’s how you do it:

– access your Paypal account and, in the menu, click on Tools;
– select, in the sub menu, All tools. You will be directed to a page where you will have to click on the PayPal button icon;
– go to the next page and click on a link to create, on the right side, a new button by selecting donations under the type of button;
– select the amount, currency, etc .;
– have you set everything you need? Well, now click on Create;
– the following code will appear on the next page to display the PayPal Donation button. Click on the Email tab (option that will allow you to further customize);
– paste the URL into a text editor like Notepad;
– in the WordPress Administration section you can now edit a page or post where you intend to insert the button. Do it in non-visual text editor mode;
– Copy and paste the code;
– replace the e-mail address never received by PayPal with the link saved in your notebook or other text editor.

You created the Paypal donation button on your WP site installing plugin.
You are satisfied, it was what you wanted. You know well that PayPal guarantees a safe and intuitive payment system. Now you can quickly and intuitively check all aspects related to PayPal donations that you want to insert on your WordPress site.
You can also add the code in a WP text widget if you prefer to insert it in the sidebar of your site.

Insert the button for donations on WordPress or for other purposes

Of course, you can create a PayPal button on WordPress for other purposes, in addition to donations: for example, to automate billing or receive payments intuitively on your site in the cart if you manage an e-commerce.
Some plugins to insert the PayPal button on WordPress have basic options with which you can include shipping costs, taxes, keep track of inventories, etc.

The button is a decisive element in increasing online transactions. A potential new customer, with the PayPal button just a click away, will be more likely to purchase products or services.

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