How to encourage positive reviews for the products in your store

encourage positive reviews

When you start a business then you know that feedback from customers is extremely influential on your business development. The review part is very essential in order to run a successful and developing business. The reviews from clients help you in understanding the demand of client’s requirement and what do they expect from you? It helps you in improving the quality of your services thus increasing your sale.

So, let’s find out how to encourage the positive reviews for your products:

1. Build a connection with client:
As soon as you receive an order, get their contact details that will allow you to talk to them about their requirement from your service or product. This will build the client’s trust upon your company’s name and everyone admires when they are dealt with special care. DO not exaggerate about your service and do not tell them what you cannot deliver. Because if you are below their expectations then it will ruin your brand’s name and you will lose a client.

2. Ask your customer for a review:
The best way to increase the review on your page is to just ask away your customer. When you deliver your product or service, ask your client to give a review immediately on your social media page. Customers know that feedback is really important and appreciated by the company. If you are providing them the quality product/service then you should not hesitate to ask for a positive review.

encourage positive reviews ecommerce

3. Monthly giveaways:
If you are not getting enough reviews for your products then it would be good for your brand to launch a giveaway for your target audience instead of buying fake reviews. Select a person from giveaway contest on social media platform and send them the best product as a gift, this is very effective strategy to get positive reviews about your brand.

4. Make it easy to leave review:
Every review either negative or positive is useful to build your reputation among target audience. You should make it easy for clients to post their queries, good or bad experience with you. People will trust your brand when they know that your services are available to them in any case and new customers will be willing to give you a chance.

5. Make up for bad customer experience:
If your customer has any complaint regarding your service that could be low quality product or late delivery or wrong size then you should give a gesture of regret. Your company can send give them a replacement offer and send some little gift or cupcake as a compensation of bad experience. This will change their negative opinion into positive one.

6. Stay thankful to your reviewers:
Communicate with your reviewer through comments, emails or messages. If they are happy with your service then tell them how grateful you are to them for their kind words.
Even if you get a negative comment, keep your tone courteous in answering them. A courteous service will never get negative comments or feedback.


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