Calendar agenda for lawyers: the benefits of a WP plugin

A calendar and reservation management software for law firms cannot be structured like that of a restaurant. The importance of a WordPress plugin suitable for a lawyer’s agenda is given by the specific functionalities for the needs of this profession.

The online booking and agenda make the booking service less demanding, easier and faster, with the possibility of making appointments or canceling them at any time.
It is a digital service available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year (including holidays), thanks to which the customer is not forced to wait for the busy phone to become free.
The lawyer, the professional willing to lighten the workload for the secretary to give her more important tasks, chooses the online booking software.

Customers click on the calendar, fill in a form (direct contact form) and book instantly, after which they will receive a confirmation by e-mail or SMS.
They can easily check available dates and times and book an appointment directly from the site.

An online calendaring and booking software eliminates ‘human’ errors or misunderstandings, also improves the image of a law firm, increases its visibility on the web.

Calendar and reservations for law firms: time is money

It is said “time is money” and it is very true. The speed, efficiency and automation of an online booking service saves both the lawyer’s secretary and the client time.

Speed and effectiveness of the service improve customer loyalty and bring new ones. Online booking, when it proves to be quick, simple and well organized, is an operation that can be performed both from a PC and a mobile device.
The implementation of a WordPress online booking plugin is important.

The calendar and reservations for law firms managed online with a WordPress plugin leads to two results: the satisfaction of already loyal customers and the increase in conversions of your website. Attract new customers used to surfing the web.

They connect to your office, explore it and book an appointment to resolve an urgent legal issue.
All lawyers and law firms nowadays use this system.
All you have to do is choose an ideal WordPress plugin, a calendar and reservations for online law firms that is right for you.
Which could be? Which one to choose? Among the many NS Booking Agenda Plugins, it is certainly the most satisfying and competitive.

Online reservations for law firms: free WordPress plugins or Pro?

Before describing the features of NS Booking Agenda, we remind you that there are plugins to download for free from the bulletin board of your WordPress site.

The point is that, being free, they are basic and do not offer all the features necessary for your lawyer activity.
The paid plugins (at low cost) are complete, customizable and give a more professional image of you and your profession. These are tools with more advanced features because they are Pro.

For example, a paid plugin allows the user to pay directly online through PayPal in full autonomy, to integrate WooCommerce, to insert services and discounts relating to products or services. It also provides multilingual and multicurrency support, the data can be imported or exported to CSV or PDF. Allows you to enter an unlimited number of users.
Some Pro management software can also create and integrate interactive, responsive contact forms on their website, involving customers more and pushing them to complete the action.
A paid plugin guarantees data security with an encrypted system and secure storage on the Cloud.

NS Booking Agenda: calendar and reservations for law firms

An interesting example of a WordPress plugin that works as a calendar and reservations for law firms is NS Booking Agenda. It is a WP + WooCommerce plugin for lawyers but also for dentists, plumbers and for all professionals who sell their services hour by hour.

With this plugin it is possible to set the entire working week (from Monday to Sunday) and the daily working time (from 00:00 to 24:00).
Set your hourly rate and NS Booking Agenda will do the rest.
In the MyAccount section, customers can check their reservations. They can also ask to remove the reservation thanks to a contact form inside MyAccount.

This open source software for WordPress requires WooCommerce (3.0) to allow its use.
NS Booking Agenda is paid: the annual license entitles you to one year of updates and support.

All the features of NS Booking Agenda

We have mentioned what the customer can do and some functions of NS Booking Agenda.

We list, below, all the features of this perfect WP plugin as a calendar and reservations for law firms:

– set your working week and your daily working hours;
– set the hourly rate;
– allows you to immediately receive payment via PayPal;
– you can use the shortcode to insert the calendar wherever you want;
– customize the calendar color;
– integrates outlook;
– allows you to translate all the data;
– allows you to use widgets to insert the calendar;
– provides an annual report within your backend;
– has the active function “book now, pay later”
– import / export CSV.

Installation of NS Booking Agenda

To install NS Booking Agenda just a few simple steps:
– Upload the ‘ns-booking-agenda’ folder into the ” / wp-content / plugins / ” folder;
– Activate the plugin via WordPress ‘Plugin’ menu;
– From the administration menu click on ‘Settings’, then ‘NS Booking Agenda’.

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