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WooCommerce: How to make donations and offer products at a free price?

Even in the world of the web as in the real world it is possible to make donationsand offer products at a free price. The donation is a real small great gesture of altruism and of considerable civic, ethical and social value, with which one subject (who is technically called a donor) enriches another (donor) […]

E-commerce: how to rate a product after purchasing it online?

How to rate a product after purchasing it online? In the age of E-Commerce it is increasingly important to carefully evaluate the products to put in the cart and to buy. There are many factors that weigh on the product rating: from the brand to the size, from the technical characteristics to the performance ones. […]

E-Commerce, is product rating always a reliable measure?

Is the rating of a product sold online always a reliable measure? Can potential buyers who want to buy a product online always rely on product rating?  Is it a reliable measure? What are the rating parameters that affect the product rating? These are questions whose answer can be taken for granted, but in fact […]


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