How to customize and add a wishlist on WooCommerce?


In the digital and E-Commerce era it is increasingly important to create a user-friendly and customizable E-Store.

If you use Woocommerce you will have realized that by default this plugin does not include the ability to create a wish list where to add products that will be purchased later.

In E-Commerce this feature is often present and surely it is an additional factor that leads users to follow the products.

The possibility of creating a wishlist allows users to compare the products and recall them if they wish to complete the order.

Wishlist: what is it?

A wishlist or want list is an itemization of goods or services that a person desires. The goal of the wish list is to facilitate the communication between gift receiver and gift giver.

Wishlists are very popular during sales, Christmas holidays or to celebrate certain events: birth of a child, communion, confirmation, weddings, graduation, etc.

An online wishlist allows you to register user to create a want list, add wishes to it and then spread it to links to the wish list via email or social media like Facebook and Twitter.

This adds a collaborative perspective among the users and helps create a wellness economy.

Wishlist: what are the advantages?

During the Christmas holidays and with Black Friday 2019 creating wishlists allows users to speed up the process of completing purchases and gifts.

Online wish lists on retailer allow you to add items from multiple retailers and even non-retail ideas.

In this way, giving gifts has a positive impact on society and creating positive externalities.

What does it mean? Thanks to the creation of Wishlists it is possible to break down the communicative barriers between people and contribute to the creation of economic and social well-being.

Make your wish list as reflective as possible, customizing it as much as possible.

When creating a want list you must take due account of the wishes, needs and different preferences of the recipients of the gifts.

Personalized gifts have a high success rate. As a tribute to the long friendship and to celebrate an important event, you cannot afford to make mistakes.

For example, do you want to create a wishlist to honor your childhood friends’ wedding? The wedding wishlist allows you to simplify your life and not make mistakes.

No more unwanted gifts! Enough with the usual socks or the typical gift of the mother-in-law.

Thanks to the creation of a list of gifts, it is possible to live a new and innovative shopping experience, keeping track of the desired gifts through a practical and immediate wishlist system, which can be shared with friends, even on social media.

You can create customized wishlists for every occasion and bring people and desires together.

A want list is a practical and fun tool to receive and make only welcome gifts, also saving time and frustrations.

In a few simple clicks each user can create his own wish list and share it with friends, who can choose the perfect gift from those included in the wishlist.

A want list also allows you to organize group gifts, precisely for those gift ideas that are a bit challenging, helping users to manage pro-quota payments.

The system allows you to record the payment of each individual fee and reminds users to pay in case of forgetfulness.

Create a customized wishlist: products and services

Creating a customized wishlist is smart: just a few clicks and you’re done!

Which categories of products and services is the creation of a wishlist indicated for?

In fact, each product category is suitable to the creation of an online wishlist.

Clothing, accessories and shoes

Many E-Stores specializing in the sale of clothing, shoes and accessories allow their customers to create want lists.

Skirts, pants, dresses, Bermuda shorts, tracksuits, bags, hats, socks, belts, glasses and many other accessories can be added to the wish list.

Thanks to this tool, each customer has the opportunity to draw up his own list of items to be purchased at a later time.

Furthermore, every retailer has the possibility to monitor the desired items and to send customized discounts and promotions.

This allows you to build customer loyalty and increase the conversion rate.


Even books are one of the objects that can be included in a wish list.

For readers it is essential to create a cutomized wish list of books, novels and manuals that can be purchased later with a discount code.

Food and drinks

Even supermarkets and food companies that sell online allow users to create a wishlist of foods and drinks.

Shopping online has never been easier: just create a list of desired products, compare food prices and nutritional values ​​and complete the purchase.

A quick and easy way for those with little time to go to the supermarket and to avoid queues at the cash desk.

Moreover, online you can benefit from discounts and customized promotions.


Wedding wishlists are having an increasingly important success in the digital era.

The trips are among the most appreciated gifts by users, in particular young graduates and married couples.

Creating wedding wishlists allows relatives and friends of the bride and groom to help make a dream come true: take a honeymoon!

WooCommerce Wishlist Plugin: Features anf advantages

Woocommerce Wishlist Plugin is full customizable, you can choose text and Font-Awesome icons to make your site as you wish!

This plugin require WooCommerce plugin and it allows you to customize wishlist.

About the advantages, users prefer:

  • Wishlist privacy settings,
  • Wishlist will be saved for logged users,
  • Multi-wishlists,
  • Customized want lists,
  • Shared wishlists;
  • Comparing prices.

Do you want to receive more information about this WooCommerce plugin? Well, contact us and find out what we can do for you. We are waiting you!


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