What is a wishlist and how does it work?

What is a wishlist

What is a wishlist? In the age of consumerism and e-commerce it is increasingly important to create a wishlist.

During sales, Christmas holidays or any time of year, it is increasingly important to put the items you want into your wishlist.

Let’s find out in this guide what a wishlist is, what are the main features, the advantages and what better WooCommerce Wishlist Plugin to install.

Wishlist: what is it?

A wishlist is a list of things that we want (eg. clothing, perfumes, bijoux, electronic items, books, objects for the home, etc.) or intangible things (eg “falling in love”).

But be careful! We do not confuse the wishlist with the list of things to do or the goals to be achieved. A wishlist is a real list of potential products that we want to buy online.

If you love luxury clothing and shoes, you should make a complete list to make up your own wardrobe (coats, jeans, capes, skirts, pants, leggings, glasses, ankle boots, sneakers, moccasins, etc.).

If you love makeup, you should make a wishlist in some perfumery shop: foundation, lipsticks, eye shadows, face powder, lip pencil, eye pencil, fragrances and any other product for body, face and hair care.

During Black Friday, scheduled for November 29th 2019, we can create a wishlist that includes everything we like.

For Christmas holidays, we should make a wishlist to avoid unnecessary gifts.

E-Commerce and Wishlist: an increasingly important tool

All the most important e-commerce sites have this feature: a special dedicated area in which we could save the items that we are interested or we would like to purchase at a later time.

So, we could find them inside the site itself and we could be able to compare them with similar items.

With the “save in wishlist” or “add to wishlist” option and with just one click, it will be possible to keep in memory the products that interest us / we want to buy and make public the wish list created, so that others can consult it, maybe in provision of special occasions, and choose the perfect gift for every occasion.

Wishlist on Amazon

It’s almost impossible not to buy some articles from the E-Commerce giant: we’re talking about Amazon.

The site provides users with a wish list, the equivalent of a post-it filled with the list of products to buy.

On Amazon you can create wishlists and find them in the section Your Lists at the top right. You can create Amazon Wish Lists for yourself or by gift rate to others, or maybe divide them by category.

You can create a Birth list with everything you want for the child that will be born! Finally, another list may include items from other sites with products you want to buy on Amazon.

Wishlist: other E-Commerce Websites

All the giants of E-Commerce Websites allow users to create a wishlist with all the desired items.

As already mentioned, wish lists are useful for clothing sites like Yoox, Zalando and other E-Commerce.

First of all they allow us to have an overview, to discard the items we cannot afford and to compare items quickly and smartly.

Moreover, they give the possibility to buy later without having to search for the item several times.

Airbnb, the famous home sharing site, also uses Wishlist. Lists can be created by the user or by the site itself: each user can create lists called Dream Homes or Vacation Homes.

The site instead includes lists according to a filter: houses near the beach, houses suitable for the family, houses in Paris, etc.

Wishlist: what is it for and what are the advantages?

Once you understand what a wishlist is, you need to understand what it is for and what are the advantages for users themselves who browse the main E-Commerce.

The function of a Wishlist is to preserve a potentially interesting product.

Thanks to the wish list, you can keep the desired products aside in view of the best time to buy it.

The wish list is a function reserved only to registered users of the platform. To add the products to the list you need to have an account and have logged in.

A Wishlist:

• helps monitor their purchasing behavior, keeping in mind which products are chosen and set aside,

• encourages users to return to the platform,

• stimulates sales,

• allows you to customize the wish list,

• allows you to share it on social media (Facebook and Twitter).

Can conversions with Wishlist be increased?

A digital marketing strategy to increase conversions is to create a wishlist.

Even better if you send a discount voucher based on the products that the user has included in his wish list.

Instilling a sense of urgency to the customer in such a way as to make him reconsider if it is worth anticipating the purchase is another interesting strategy to conclude the sale.

Think of the notifications sent to the customer: “Last piece available” or “Last available size“.

Furthermore, each time a user purchases an item on the list, the platform will notify the seller of the purchase made.

WooCommerce Wishlist Plugin: which one to choose?

Wishlist: what is it?

Woocommerce Wishlist Plugin is full customizable, you can choose text and Font-Awesome icons to make your site as you wish!

This plugin require WooCommerce plugin and it allows you to create your custom wishlist.

For a major compatibility we recommend to create a new page, insert pages’s shortcode and declare which page you choosed in options page. In this way you are allowing customers to see the shared wishlists.

Among the features and advantages most appreciated by users are:

  • Wishlist will be saved for logged users;

  • Share your wishlist;

  • Multi-wishlists per user;

  • Choose Font-awesome icons;

  • Wishlist privacy settings.

Do you want to receive more information about this interesting plugin? Well, then contact us and find out what we can do for you. May wishes come true!


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