Why update your catalog?

Why update your catalog?

If you have been running a business or you are thinking to start your business, then you probably know that a business without a proper marketing strategy is a failure. Marketing strategies are considered to be the backbone of any business, and almost every business relies on it. If you don’t have a good marketing strategy, then your business will not be fruitful.

There are different marketing strategies used by different brands and businesses. There is a very common term that we here often, catalogues. Yes, you must have heard about them. Catalogues play a very important part of the marketing strategy of any business. Nowadays, businesses also use online or digital catalogues to increase sales of their business.

We will be looking at the top 5 reasons to explain why catalogues are important for your business. And how they work as a tactile and visual experience for your clients and a channel that should not be ignored at any cost.

1. Driving sales

It has been seen that while shopping with a printed catalogue, 52 percent of the individuals bought more products than they planned and 75 percent of the people said that the catalogues give them ideas for the things to buy or do.

Customers do have the time to go through the catalogue, letting themselves to get ideas and learn about new products.

2. Bridging the online/offline division

Well, you might now know, but 70 percent of the individuals go on the internet when they receive catalogues. Moreover, the catalogues receivers’ study two times as much website pages each visit and stay longer as compared to the other users.

It makes sense, right? Clients can go through the catalogues when they have time and then go online when they are sure to make a purchase, with all of this info in their hand.

Make your digital initiatives and catalogues work side by side; the possibilities are limitless to get customers to your business website.

3. Reaching scenarios and re-engage

Catalogues that are well planned are the best-targeted tool for marketing. Facilitate this by the help of personalization and an extensive range of the variables, and you have a great strategy for marketing.

Motivate the lost customers to return to your services, introduce your business to new customers and markets, or make a follow-up system of mailing after the first purchase of a customer.

4. Increasing product awareness

It is said that 86 percent of the customers keep the catalogues in their home for some time, which results in having the customers aware of your business.

Many people also say that catalogues help them know what services can be offered by a brand.

5. Giving accessibility and convenience

63 percent of the people state that it is easier to go through the products using a catalogue, rather than looking for products online or in store.

Try making it easy to carry, lightweight, portable and packed full of info – all of these things make the catalogues a good selling tool.

The above-discussed things make it important to update your catalogues from time to time. This results in more sales. You can use the Add Product Frontend to add the products in the frontend way. This plugin is very easy to use and effective too.


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